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Thread: El Captin update.

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    I've been using my aluminum elcap neutral narrow for about 6+ months of edc/work use. The finish is holding up great despite getting dropped often. The QTC doesn't work like it did when it was new. When I twist the head down tight nothing happens until I bang the flashlight against my hand. Then it turns on full power and ramping it down/ loosing the head would appear to shut it off in daylight, but in dark you get to use very low lumen mode. It ramps 0-3 lumens(estimate) then jumps to full power. I wish the brightness ramped smoothly like when it was new, but it has Hi and low I can live with that.

    I'm running silver ultra fire protected 14500s in it. Run time is pretty good I use it in short 1-2 minute burst and the battery last me all week. It gets pretty darn hot pretty quick, but never to hot to hold. The narrow optic goes pretty darn far at night its just as good as as a 2d led maglight not focused for the tightest spot. This is my first neutral beam light its nice and white, but not for me. I prefer a nice creamy yellow incan like hue. So now that peaks website is up and running. I ordered another one today, a stainless elcap hi cri medium. I will let you all know when it comes in. I wanted to get the brass but was concerned about the durability. Anybody that is hard on there gear use brass? How does it hold up?

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    Congrats on the El Cap! I don't own any brass Peaks, but from what I heard they hold up very nicely. Brass does tarnish but if you polish it it will shine again. I'm so tempted to buy one but I have to save money. Please let us know how it turns out!
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    I received the light today. Its nice and warm flood beam light, exactly what I was looking for. The new qtc works a lot smoother and with less effort than the old qtc. The head is a little bit wider then my old elcap.

    Just to worn you all peaks website has no auto confirm, Theres no estimated delivery date. So 10 days after ordering it and not receiving any kind of confirmation, even after emailing peak directly. I filed a paypal dispute. Robyn from peak responded promptly and told me there was a mix up n the color. No problems got my light I'm happy.

    1 question this is my first keychain body, when I unscrew the keychain I can see the back of the qtc. From all the pics I've seen Isn't there supposed to be a little brass plug in there. It has the threads jut no plug?

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    With the QTC the plug isn't needed. The plug you're referring to is actually the neg. battery contact, which can be removed to install a momentary switch. The QTC pill acts as a neg. contact.
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