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Thread: New Multimode Magcharger Switch modding problem.

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    Default New Multimode Magcharger Switch modding problem.

    Has anyone messed around with a new magcharger? The one with the electronic switch. I bought one with the intent to drop an XM-L into it. I've done a few of these and they always work well. This time, however, I received one of the new magchargers with the multimode switch. Initially I thought I was going to be able to get away with just using the switch. Hooked to my bench supply voltage regulated at 6.5 volts (Roughly the same as the NiMH pack it comes with) it allowed 2.4A on high and 1.2 on low to the XM-L. The strobe even worked. I was excited because I thought I could mod them without using a driver. However, when I hooked everything up using the battery to power the switch and LED it put out 4.2 amps (too much for the XM-L) on high. So, I hooked up an SST-90 I had laying around. Then for whatever reason it was pushing 6.5A to the SST on high and over 3A on low (same battery btw) I assembled it and initially it worked fine. Probably 1500ish lumens and super easy to mod. After a while the switch would stick on and the only way to shut the light off was to unscrew the tailcap. Now the light only runs on low and only when you hold the switch down. I must have burnt something up.

    So I don't know how we will be modding these without replacing the switch. Anyone have any ideas on how to convert this switch to CC driver? Im not sure what it is doing at present, but I can tell you that the output varies significantly depending on both the input voltage and current capability of the power supply. Any insight into my little problem would be appreciated.

    Thoughts? Questions?

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    Default Re: New Multimode Magcharger Switch modding problem.

    I guess what I'm asking is does anyone know how this switch works and what possibilities there are for modding these lights? I'd like to think that we can go on modding these even though they have changed the design!

    Thanks in advance for your replies and expertise!

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    Default Re: New Multimode Magcharger Switch modding problem.

    If it is similar to the ML100 switch, http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/...eautral-92-CR1

    you may be out of luck.
    The driver inside appears to be PWM, so it's direct drive, the current will be dependent on led vf. It looked to me that even 3A would be too much for it.

    The driver inside has a hole in the middle to allow switch screw access,
    pretty much only mag does it, you won't find another driver with holes in the middle to upgrade this.

    Might be better off put an old style mag switch in there, switch boot might be an issue though
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    Default Re: New Multimode Magcharger Switch modding problem.

    THE FIX:

    So I could not find a replacement magcharger switch, one of the old ones mind you,as the new ones are useless. So Here's what I did. Anyone looking to build a bulletproof 1000 lumen, 2Hr flashlight just follow this guide. Also light recharges in its' stock cradle!

    I machined a piece of clear acrylic down to fit the inside of the stock switch holder, then cut a cavity in it to hold a Judco Switch, like the ones that come in Streamlight SL-20. Shove all this in and you have the following:

    Then, machine a heatsink out of aluminum, mount the led and driver in the respective cavities, install and viola! Also must modify the reflector and reflector holder as follows:

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