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Thread: Fenix HP12 XM-L coming?

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    Default Fenix HP12 XM-L coming?

    Does anyone know if there's a Fenix HP12 XM-L coming soon?
    Normally Fenix releases a new HP every year.
    There was the HP10 with XR-E Q5.
    Then HP11 for 2011 with XP-G R5.
    Now a HP12 for 2012 with XM-L U2???

    I need a floody headlight, and I like the way the Fenix HP's have a separate 4xAA battery pack at the back of the headband to counter the weight of the headlight...
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    Default Re: Fenix HP12 XM-L coming?

    never heard of it.
    and a xml in a headlamp, think Fenix would go with a XP-G and a OP reflector.
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    Default Re: Fenix HP12 XM-L coming?

    Havent heard of it, but if you want flood and AA's , look at spark sd52

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