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Thread: My first light modification

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    Default My first light modification

    Hi Guys !

    Here you have some picts of my first light modification.

    Original light : 4,5 V

    Modified light and back side

    Inside :

    Inside, we have :
    1 holder for 3 18650
    3 Li 18650 (from computer battery)
    1 MCE
    1 driver from Kaydomain
    1 cooler from Aliexpress
    1 carlo optic from Dotlight
    And a peace of copper as braket for the star and the driver

    Sorry for size of picts : I don't know how to reduce it.
    If any one know how to do it easely, please tell me.
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    Default Re: My first light modification

    Looks good.

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    Default Re: My first light modification

    The comparative test is comming ASAP

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