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Thread: 445 Mag Mod with TEC...

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    Cool 445 Mag Mod with TEC...

    I've been wanting to do this build for a while, and finally put together a prototype...

    Features of this build: (shown in the following pictures)

    * TEC with fan installed
    * Key switch to arm
    * Voltage monitor that also doubles as an 'armed' indicator light

    Here's the pictures!

    I experimented with different resistors to get the current I wanted for the TEC.

    The fan and TEC are 5 volt. So I used a 7805 for them. A 2.7 Ohm, 1 Watt resistor ends up allowing 730mA's to the TEC. The fan draws 75mA's direct from the 7805 voltage regulator...

    The fan and TEC together, draws about 805mA's.

    Voltage monitor:

    I'm using 2 X Feilong 6000mAh 32650 Li-Ion cells. I have a voltage monitor installed that comes on when the tail cap key switch is turned on.

    For detailed pictures of the voltage monitor installation, see my 1000 lumen Mag mod here...

    Setting up the key switch:

    Turning on the key switch does these three things:

    * Activates the fan and TEC
    * Turns on the voltage monitor (which doubles as an 'armed' indicator light)
    * 'Arms' the Mag side button switch which can then turn on the laser

    Driver, current draw, output:

    I'm using lazeerer's very nice X-Drive buck driver set at 1.8 Amps.

    This is a very stable driver that has very little heat. Really impressed with this driver...

    * Fan and TEC - 805mA's
    * X-Drive/LD - 1300mA's putting out 1.8 Amps to the LD. (very nice buck driver)
    * Output power with 405-G-1 glass lens - 1.8 Watts... (G1 vs G2)

    Total battery current draw at full charge - 2105mA's. Estimated run time between charges - 2 1/2 hours with the Feilong cells.

    Here's a short video demonstration:

    Hope you like it!

    Click here to see my list of projects and tutorials!

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    Default Re: 445 Mag Mod with TEC...

    Hey I sent PayPal for a couple of PL450B diodes today...

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