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Thread: What is a Good LED Motion Sensor combination?

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    Default What is a Good LED Motion Sensor combination?

    I have had a Motion Sensor flood light fixture with a 60w incandescent bulb for years in my garage. The Motion Sensor flood light fixture has finally died and I want to replace it with a new fixture and LED bulb combination. The garage is unheated and I use the light to light my way to the light switch for the main lighting. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: What is a Good LED Motion Sensor combination?

    You can use any standard security/motion light fixture and simply swap the bulb for an LED equivalent. PAR30, PAR38, and A19 LED bulbs are available.

    Another option, if you don't mind sticking a solar panel on the roof or outside wall, is the Maxsa 50, 80, and 100 LED, battery powered, and solar charged motion sensor security lights.

    Lowes and HomdeDepot have a range of 1, 2, and 3 head LED motion lights from $70-$150.

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    Default Re: What is a Good LED Motion Sensor combination?

    Why not choose another LED motion sensor bulb to replace the old one.

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    Default How about the LED motion sensor light?

    I want to buy some LED motion sensor bulbs for home outdoor or down stairs lighting. The lights should be sensitive, and the most important feature is the high quality and long span.

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    Default Re: How about the LED motion sensor light?

    Do you just want LED because it is the cool new technology?
    I question whether LED lighting will really save you money in a motion detector, because the bulb will not be on very long. I have had the same light bulb in my outside motion detector for nearly ten years, and before the motion detector was installed, the same bulb was used in the same place for several years. It still has not burned out, meaning the light has not ever been on very long.

    You mentioned that your garage is unheated. You do realise that an incandescent bulb is no less efficient at producing heat than a portable electric space heater? In fact, I sometimes use a space heater to keep me warm while working in my garage. It is cheaper than running the central heater, which unnecessarily heats my entire house. If any extra heat is welcome, it doesn't really make any sense to use LED. Unless you like the bluish colored light.

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