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Thread: Review Lumintop TD15S XM-L U2 610lm 4 mode

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    Buttrock Review Lumintop TD15S XM-L U2 610lm 4 mode

    Represent to your attention the review of the new flashlight Lumintop TD15S.
    For providing for the review of the flashlight, I would like to thank the Lumintop company and personally Mike Yi.
    The test flashlight went to such a set:
    1) Flashlight - 1 piece - about it later;

    2) Holster - 1pc

    With grip ring

    With metal ring

    workmanship is good, but there is a bug: when changing grip all the way to the ring-light falls deeper into the case than we would like (does not look aesthetically pleasing, and get much less convenient);

    3) Lanyard - 1 piece - long (can be worn around the neck) and qualitative (short and, in fact)

    4) Repair Set (Oring, strap on the button) - 1 piece - like all you need is;

    5) The metal ring - 1 piece - it is and have to apply (determined on the flashlight so there photos of grip ring);

    6) Instruction Manual - 1 - "brevity the soul of wit";

    7) Packing box - 1pc - performs its function.
    In addition:
    8) Tactical Remote button LuminTop RS-12 - looks like a standard, manufactured quality, control is only in the detail panel. On the panel there are 3 buttons. Central and right buttons are responsible for momentary On \ Off without fixing the maximum mode, the button on the left ON \ OFF lights at maximum capacity, and by holding on the strobe.
    (Sorry for the rest of the photo is not in focus ... take a picture later)

    9) Weapon mount of the bar at the Picatinny - solidly made, more unfortunately cannot say anything.

    Well, it's time to go directly to the experimental...
    At my request on the characteristics I received such response:
    This is the specification of TD15S:
    Max. output: 610 lumen runtime: 1.5 hour
    Medium output: 130 lumen runtime: 5 hours
    Min. output: 15 lumen runtime: 60 hours.
    Waterproof: IPX-August 2 meters 30 minutes
    The working voltage is 3.4V-10V, so if you use an 18650 cell, it will
    not overdischarge.
    Flashlight - for the first time picking up the impression of GOOD THINGS (that way, in large letters).

    Covering a lantern in the manual says: «Mil-spec hard anodized» and so it is, the structure of matte, homogenous, but on the lamp noticed a few tiny chips. Lantern pleasure to hold in their hands, thought out ergonomics as "excellent." In his hand is like a glove. Bezel and removable key ring is made from stainless steel (apparently), when installing the lamp upside down bezel lets you see whether the lamp and the ring on the button allows you to stand confidently lamp head up.
    The processing quality of the housing parts perfect: no sharp edges, no chips. Trapezoidal thread, smeared out of the box quite profusely. Threaded connection at the head without anodizing and has one O-ring from the cover button is present, the contact is carried out through the end the battery compartment (unscrew the button on the ¼ turn can be secured against accidental inclusion of light), sealing gum on that side two.

    There is a note: thread a bit short.

    Torch is supplied with hard-fixed in a special slot clip; lock-grip is a focus ring or a substitute for influenza-stop. It is quite resilient and secure locks flashlight on your belt, pocket, etc

    Grip ring or ring is screwing into place, what specifically is threaded between the landing place clips and rings.

    Note: When installed clip- grip ring not tighten up to lock, prevents clip (video below), a similar situation and with a ring - you need to make a decent effort to fix it so thoroughly, otherwise it will be free to get out.

    Glass is AR-coated; it can be clearly seen in the photo.

    The reflector is deep and has a smooth surface, looking at it from different angles can be seen barely distinguishable concentric circles. There is no debris or prints under glass and reflector. Under the glass is sealing gum. The diode is set exactly in the center, is used to center the plastic washer.

    Bezel is glued; get to the electronic lamp can only be through him.
    Electronics - everything is hard to parse a new hand will not light up, so the picture thereof, will be later, it makes no sense to measure the runtime before the arrival of Panasonic 18 650 2900. Measurement of current on the button shown 1.68 A at 4.15 V on Sony accumulator 2200. In the brief of the electronics - it works, but seriously, we can say the following: black button controls mode, in a head set some part thereof, the presence of electronics gives a faint squeaking in all modes, audible only if you bring a flashlight to your ear. Lantern can remember the last used mode, and does it instantly. PWM - if present, very high frequency tests with the hand, pencil, fan have failed ... flicker is not noticed in any of the modes.
    Management - in this lamp is realized by 2 buttons. The main button is on the back end, she is responsible for enabling, disabling the lamp makes it possible to include a beep and briefly lights. Regime change button located on the lateral surface of the casing and has a push-button print the letter «S», apparently alluding to the word «side. Has the following feature: when the lamp can go through one-touch mode, long press activates the gate, and a brief return to normal mode allows you to work off the lamp when pressed instantly activates the strobe. Impressions of the work with this system the most positive! No need to twist the head lamp is good. One note - in the dark button is located with difficulty, reference is only a clip, which is located directly opposite, but if you remove the clip, you need to search thoroughly, because it is, a button, little above the frame, and wear gloves even more difficult.
    Battery compartment - designed to secure the battery ingestion of 18,650 or 16,340, or 2 * 2 * CR123. Contact is a spring from the cylinder head and a spring-loaded by the button, which gives hope that the torch will be a good idea to keep the return of weapons (sure to check as soon as possible.) There is also a lamp you can buy a variety of extenders, such as for use in the lamp 3 * CR123 or 2 * 18650. It made the right move!!!

    Finally beam shot street. Parameters: aperture-5.4, ISO-200, shutter speed - 3.2 seconds. Photographed so that the pictures that roughly correspond to even be that the eye can see. Photos are not reliably transmit the minimum coverage.
    The distance between electric poles on the left is 50m.

    Min 15lm:

    Med 120Lm:

    Hi 610lm:

    Bottom line: for a long time I thought, to which the same class include this instance, but have not decided. It is a cross between "pure" tactician and EDC, for the tactics he shines widish for EDC - too focused hot spot, but the lateral illumination is broad and weak regimes are quite comfortable to light up under his feet. As a result, we have Solid flashlight with an adequate price and interesting features, fairly easy management and selection of various accessories (Sales have extenders for 2 * 18650, tactical buttons, etc.). For whom is it made of? My opinion is that it is quite suitable for the role of the "universal soldier", and in the distance shine, and put a shotgun and a leg ... you can still go on this list ...

    Thanks to everyone for taking the time for this gag.
    And the picture next to Lumintop ED20

    The review will rule and supplemented, watch out for the theme.
    Arms the test light was perfect. In almost total darkness were struck two targets (5L cans from under antifreeze) with a distance of approximately 75m. Problems with the blinking light because there is no return. The test used five charger gun, which I do not remember how to assemble the video then publish all the data accurately.

    Added video review, but so far only in Russian.

    Test shots showed that the light is not in vain called tactical. While firing a single malfunction was not. Sorry, but some of the files while copying from camera was damaged by a power failure: (.

    The review was prepared specifically for the site http://www.FONAREVKA.RU and the English version for the site CANDLEPOWERFORUMS.COM.
    Full or partial copying without the consent of the administration is prohibited!
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    Default Re: Review Lumintop TD15S XM-L U2 610lm 4 mode

    Photos can be seen in the review of all?

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    Default Re: Review Lumintop TD15S XM-L U2 610lm 4 mode

    Quote Originally Posted by Partizan302 View Post
    Photos can be seen in the review of all?
    I can see the photos! Thanks for the great review!
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    Default Re: Review Lumintop TD15S XM-L U2 610lm 4 mode

    Added video review, but so far only in Russian.

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    Default Re: Review Lumintop TD15S XM-L U2 610lm 4 mode

    Added video on the weapon.

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