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Thread: Help requested for an floody EDC

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    Default Help requested for an floody EDC


    Very cool site, and thanks for this forum/service. I've been skulking for days since my son exposed me to his T40CS, prompting me to get a good thrower for nighttime boating - which will be the TN31.

    The thrower was easy, but I'm really struggling with a smaller light. I expect this to be EDC, but also to take on my boat.

    I prefer to figure things out for myself, but I herein throw in the towel. Holy Moly all the choices!

    I'll gladly buy my TN31, cells/charger, and EDC from a Forum supporter if anyone wants to recommend.


    For all questions please select all that apply.

    1) How would you prefer to purchase the light?

    __X__I will be mail-ordering or buying online, so this doesn't matter.

    2) Budget: An easy question, but you may change your mind after answering the rest! :-)

    _x___Less than $150.

    3) Format:

    ____I want a flashlight.

    4) Flashlight-specific format/size:

    ____Every day carry * Up to 5" *

    5) Emitter/Light source:

    ____LED (known for efficiency, longevity, and compactness)

    6) Manufacturer:

    ____I want to buy a light from a traditional mass producing manufacturer that is ready to go out of the box.

    7) What battery type do you want to use

    ____I intend to use rechargeable lithium (li-ion) chemistry. ** 18650 preferred * 123 or AA acceptable.8) How much genuine out the front (OTF) light do you want/need? Sometimes you can have too much light (trying to read up close up with a 100 lumen light is impossible).

    __*__I want to navigate a dark room or read a map (0-10 lumens).
    __*_I want to walk around an unlit rural area (50-150 lumens).
    __*__I want to illuminate my entire backyard or a campsite (150-300 lumens).

    9) Throw vs. Flood: At what distance will you be most likely to use this light? Select all that apply.

    __*__Less than 1 yard/meter (reading, other close work)
    __*__Less than 5 yards/meters (looking for something inside a dark shed/garage/basement)
    __*__5-20 yards/meters (check out a noise in the backyard)

    * My only experience thus far is my little NEBO, and a small SUREFIRE. The ideal light for my purposes would have at least 3 brightness levels.
    PRIMARY purpose however is flood. I expect to also purchase a Thrunite TN31 for buoy-spotting on the river at night.

    10) Runtime: Not over-inflated manufacturer runtime claims, but usable brightness measured from first activation to 50% with new batteries (Measured on maximum output).

    ____90-120 minutes (Runtime is moderately important, but still not critical)
    ____3 hours + (I critically need this light to run on max for extended periods in between battery changes/charges).
    * Somewhere in these ranges.

    11) Durability/Usage: Generally the old phrase “you get what you pay for” is very accurate for flashlights.

    ____Slightly Important (Walks around the neighborhood).
    ____Very Important (Camping, Backpacking, Car Glove-box).

    * I always prefer to buy quality products (please, I'm a noob, no NEBO remarks).

    12) Switch Type and location (choose all that apply):

    ____I don't care.

    ** I'll buy this light on features/performance first, BUT: I'd rather not click-click-click thru modes (annoying), hence my choice of the TN31 and it's rotating bezel.

    13) User Interface (UI) and mode selection. Select all that apply.

    __x__I want multiple light levels. (Some lights have 5-16 light levels.)
    ____I want a programmable light.
    ___x_I want a selector ring.
    ____I want a strobe mode. (Blinks to show location.)
    ____I want SOS mode.
    ____I want a beacon mode.

    *__xx__ would like a low level for map/instrument at night in boat.


    __x__Anodized Aluminum – either type II or III (Hard Anodized) (Aluminum, specifically HA, is the most common material/finish for today’s flashlights).

    15) Special Needs/extras: Is there anything else you want or need that hasn't been mentioned? Select any below.

    ____Red filter (for preserving night vision).
    ____Other filter colors (Amber, Green, Blue, _________).
    ____Dedicated R/G/B secondary LEDs.
    ____“Hybrid” light (bright incandescent combined with long running LEDs)
    __x__Pocket/belt clip
    __x__Wrist/Neck Lanyard

    *__x__ tail-standing would be nice.

    TIA, and Cheers.

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    Default Re: Help requested for an floody EDC

    The Zebralight sc600 or the neutral version would work well for you, which ever tint suits your style. I have the sc600 and the flood is massive. It also has some good throw to it for the size, pure power!!

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    Default Re: Help requested for an floody EDC

    You might want to take a look on the Jetbeam RRT 21, comes with OP Reflector and selector ring, but it maybe a bit to long and heavy for EDC or not floody enough, all depend on taste I guess.

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    Default Re: Help requested for an floody EDC

    The two response's are really good. I have a Jetbeam rrt-0 that I love. Perhaps look at the XM-L version. It is a more floody light because of the small reflector/large led combo. It will run on AA's or cr123's. And even the LiIon rechargables of those.

    There are some good video reviews on you tube. I like the ones by Going Gear. They have been really helpful to me.

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    Default Re: Help requested for an floody EDC

    Maybe the Xeno E03 XM-L could be another choice. No selector ring and a short runtime on high, but a tiny little EDC. You can use AAs or 14500 LiIons. Maximum output only with the LiIons.

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    Default Re: Help requested for an floody EDC

    +1 on the zebralight sc600. It seems to meet all of your criteria except for the selector ring, but since you can get to any of the modes without having to cycle through the others, I expect that you can get it to do what you would want and after just a bit of use, wouldn't miss the ring at all.


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    Default Re: Help requested for an floody EDC

    Sunwayman V20c, runs on 2cr123 or an 18650. Great size, has an XML so it'll be floodier.
    Heres a review

    The magnetic control rings are great, I have the V10r Ti, the V11r hi cri, and the V10a XPG and love em all.
    I'm glad I found CPF, I was beginning to think I was strange
    I'm a Canadian and a proud Flashaholic
    Thanks CPF, thanks Think2x

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    Default Re: Help requested for an floody EDC

    Many thanks to y'all for the suggestions. After many hours on CPF I narrowed this down to the SC600W and the V20C. The tie-breaker for me was the control ring on the V20C ... which is the same reason I'll be buying a TN31 for my Big Light.

    I guess I'm a retard - I used my son's T40CS recently and just don't care for that clickety clickety UI.

    Yer Forum rocks.


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