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Thread: Lightbar question

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    I have a 2 rotator lightbar I use for plowing snow. The cover ir orange. I bought it at tractor supply. Was wondering if the entire lens is orange plastic or just a coating. I want to tint it blue because am a volunteer firefighter. Here's the link to the light....I can't post my picture of the lens so here is what it looks like

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    It's the whole lens not just a coating.
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    I don't know where you are living, but SOME places don't allow even volunteer firefighters to use blue or red. Have you checked with your local authorities about this? Example: When I was living in Washington state, volunteer firefighters had to use green. Here in Missouri, we are allowed both red and blue, but the red has to be the inside the windshield type. Blue is allowed on the roof. No flashy (wig-wag, or alternating flashing) headlamps allowed on non official vehicles. Other states allow different set-ups.

    There should be different colored lenses available either locally or online for your model lightbar.

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