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    Hello cpf friends, and happy fathers day to all Dads! I just wanted to share a couple pics from my mod I did on my stinger LED. The stock XRE was very bright, but the beam was very narrow with hardly any sidespill. Tint was also purple :screwy:

    XML on 20mm board with a small o-ring in between the star and the set ring to help fill a small gap, allowing adequate pressure to secure the star onto the OEM heatsink with thermal paste in between. The set ring helps to center the led also.

    I'm thrilled with the results! Nice big hotspot, id say 2 to 3 times bigger, more sidespill and much better tint 4500K. It's now found its way back into my patrol car.

    Phone pic doesn't show the sidespill like my eyes see it though.

    Thanks for looking guys.

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    Wow, Haven't carried a Stinger in years but this might make me change my mind...
    (currently carry a SF Z2 (Anto XPG) and a Martac AA backup in my vest. A 6P in my day bag (Anto XPG) and an L4 in my GOBag) all with RCR or NiMH.

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    Sounds like an awesome set of lights auto! I'd like to see pics of your Z2, is it bored for18650? I just put together a c2 with cryos bezel, and was thinking of trying out a Z2 also. Im pretty excited to try out the stinger LED, nice to give it a new life!

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    Z2 isn't bored, I think the walls might be too thin, they do handle the 17670s easily though. I like the C series but don't have the need for pocket clips.
    I switched back to the Z2 after using a G2X and 6PX Pro set. I really don't like multi level lights and I wish I had gone with the Tactical models instead.
    Can you spec out the O-ring you used in your mod? I may try and hunt down a Stinger LED to swap a nice neutral XML into and use it for a bit.

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