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Thread: Nitecore i4 charger copy

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    Default Nitecore i4 charger copy

    Well, like the tittle say, kaidomain;

    Enedepots 1.2V 3.0V 3.2V 3.7V Intelligent Multipurpose Battery Charger - White

    For this price I will keep the original... If somebody ask...

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    Default Re: Nitecore i4 charger copy

    How amusing, I came to say the same thing.

    Well, apparently, according to the specifications, can also charge the 16340 of 3,0 v (is selectable by a lateral switch 3,2 – 3,7 v). Someone is encouraged to test it and to give us his opinion?

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    Default Re: Nitecore i4 charger copy

    To me it does not look like a copy,
    but a new model from the OEM, that makes the NiteCore charger.

    The components look the same, but the pcb has a newer date on it.
    The housing is newer, elegant design, with better grip to 16340 batteries.
    The vent-holes on the lower side have gone.
    These vent-holes where good for nothing, as there are no components there to cool.

    I have the JetBeam and the NiteCore i4 sitting here around, and will not buy the "copy",
    cause it charges even slower, than the well known brand chargers.

    My preferred charger is the XTAR SP2.

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