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Thread: Bicycle Handlebar Mount for Fenix LD40

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    Help Bicycle Handlebar Mount for Fenix LD40

    Greetings CPF ,

    I'm looking for a stable handlebar mount for my Fenix LD40. I am aware of the AF02 but was informed by the company this will not work.

    I'm open to all product suggestions, quality mods, and quality DIY.

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    Default Re: Bicycle Handlebar Mount for Fenix LD40

    You might check twofish lockblocks.

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    Default Re: Bicycle Handlebar Mount for Fenix LD40

    I have a twofish knock off i got from dealextreme, it works but its wobbly even when i cinch the hell outta it, i have the fenix mount and it works better but its bulky also since it can be rotated it has some play in the clicks between the rotation clicks, let me know if you find somthing good, ive seen custom mounts from aluminum and those look legit but ive yet to find a real good commercial one

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    Default Re: Bicycle Handlebar Mount for Fenix LD40

    Still a bit kludgy, bit this gets the job done for my Quark:

    I lined the inside of the hose clamp with a silicone clay called sugru to avoid scratching the anodizing off of the Quark's head.
    Perhaps with a larger hose clamp this could work for the LD40 too. Not sure how well the larger, plastic bodied LD40 would take the stress it would put on the screw threads, though.
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