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Thread: Anyone Finish their Mammoth Light?

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    Default Anyone Finish their Mammoth Light?

    I was doing a search for some large diameter heads for a D-mag project and came across the Mammoth Head and Host made by H22A back in 2009. I'm not able to find any beamshots or photos of where someone finished one of these lights. Has anyone finished out of these lights and does anyone have any beamshots of what they've created?

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    Default Re: Anyone Finish their Mammoth Light?

    Data and karlthev have the only 2 built lights I know of, Data made them with a relay based rotary switch to DD sst-90s at low all the LEDs come on pulling down voltage to each. As you progress up thru levels on the rotary switch the relay turns off LEDs raising voltage to those remaining energized. Making it brighter until there are only 8 SST-90 on for STRONG BRIGHT level. Oh and there is a Voltmeter on the bottom

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