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Thread: Mule Build?

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    Question Mule Build?

    I have a Seoul Hi-CRI diode on a star board gathering dust. Is this all the parts I need to build a mule around it?

    I'd also like to update my PhotonFanatic Groovy! with a modern sandwich; it's currently got a poorly marked AWR linear dropout regulator with a Luxeon on top, either Lux1 or Lux3, but I can't really tell. Other than sending it off to Milkyspit for a custom XML direct-drive pill, what are my options?

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    For the mule head:
    You will have to remove the emitter from the star and mount it on the Seoul MCPCB

    You will need a converter board. Are you using 1 CR123/R123 Boost (BB Nexgen primary cell only) or (GD500 Buck/Boost Converter primary or rechargeable) You choose the output current.

    Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive (2 Part Epoxy)


    I may have some old sandwiches, I can look later.
    Sandwich needs:
    converter board
    emitter board and connectors
    We have Luxeon and Seoul P4 LED

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