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Thread: Have You Ordered From Here

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    Default Have You Ordered From Here

    Hi all, still new around these parts, so if in the wrong section please more

    I have found a site I wish to make a purchase from however I have never dealt with them before anyone with experience?

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    Default Re: Have You Ordered From Here

    Probably a good idea to remove the hyperlink so it doesn't look like you just created an account so you could spam advertisements.

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    Default Re: Have You Ordered From Here

    The connection is untrusted says Firefox..!

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    Default Re: Have You Ordered From Here

    yea norton also wouldnt link to it.
    Dont put links up that your virus protection doesnt recommend.
    Not everyone has antivirus protection and your link could be the source of headaches to many users of CPF.
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    Sorry guys, didn't think of it that way. Thanks for the help, I didn't get any of these messages on my browser for some reason... I made the order before I got replies, paid through paypal so should be secure if the site isn't. I got confirmation emails of the order etc, will update again when/if the order arrives

    Sorry again for posting the link, also thanks for the responses

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