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Thread: Help with bin tint and which led to buy to start modding with

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    Default Help with bin tint and which led to buy to start modding with

    So can somebody help me with choosing the right leds to mod my torches with.

    I prefer warmer tints but would settle for a neutral tint if lumens increase.

    So what do all the letters mean, can i put an XML in place of an old cree emitter wi no change to the stock driver? Or am i better sticking with xp-g and xp-e's

    Please help me out guys its driving me mad not knowing how to choose
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    Default Re: Help with bin tint and which led to buy to start modding with

    Seems that High CRI is the buzz at the moment, CRI being Colour Rendering Index; so rather than focusing on how brightly an emitter can light, it's essentially how well it can light, how close the colours are to daylight rather than being a washed out mess that you can't pick any detail out of. Seems the two main contenders are the High CRI Cree XP-G and Nichia 219.

    The new emitters are more efficient, so you may have to be careful depending on the driver of your old Cree; with the lower required Vf for the same current, there could be potentially quite a significant difference in power required, eg. I think the XR-E had a Vf of around 3.5V @ 700mA, whereas the XP-G and XT-E are about 3.05 @ 700mA, and the XM-L is down to around 2.9V @ 700mA; I guess not an issue if your driver is a true constant-current driver, otherwise you may well find you're now driving with 1Amp+ (for example)

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