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Thread: Looking for bulk CREE XR-E's

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    Default Looking for bulk CREE XR-E's

    Wondering if any of you have a hookup or know of a decent (cheap) place to buy these CREE's.

    I need 48x CREE XR-E Cool White Q5 6500k
    and 48x CREE XR-E Royal Blue 450nm

    Any help would be fantastic!


    I forgot to add I'm willing to use other brands as long as they meet the same specs. Its for a fishtank reef light im building.

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    Default Re: Looking for bulk CREE XR-E's

    48x of anything is still very low volume, so I would first try the "typical suspects", the electronic distributors such as Arrow Electronics, Mouser, Digikey, and Future Electronics. Another source is Cutter in Australia.

    Good luck,
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