I am going kayaking down the grand canyon in august(two months). i am a landscape photographer for a living and used to do a lot of lightpainting at night in my photographs, but i was doing this thirty years ago before they even made max millions - i started out using a car headlight hooked up to a 12v motorcycle battery in a backpack - shows you how old i am. i upgraded to handheld spots like you can buy at any autozone many years back, but know next to nothing about hid, lcd and all the new stuff i see on this site - i've got an Eagletac T 100 C2 my son bought me that I thought was pretty slick when he got it compared to the heavy things i was hauling around - but now i'm looking for something with at least twice as much light as the eagletac if i can get it, and would be nice if it could be adjusted to be both flood and spot, sometimes i'm working within ten or twenty feet and a spot is too tight, but also would like to be able to hit canyon walls across the river with a spot and paint them. you can see some of my work at wiliamlesch.photoshelter.com to give you an idea of what i do, click on the lightpainting link - i need a fair amount of light for what i do, don't know all the terminology now but i used to use at least a million candlepower, but that was tungsten and the eagletac is daylight balanced which works out better for me as far as color temp, but the eagletac is a bit underpowered especially for down in the canyon. needs in the canyon are fairly specific - i need something that has batteries that either aren't too big and fairly cheap so i can carry enough with me, or something i can recharge down there using solar panels, preferably both options, fairly lightweight would be nice as i don't get a lot of space in the rafts for storage, and i would like to keep it under $300 or $400, less is even better but depends on versatility. Thanks for any help anyone can give - if anyone has an old light they would like to trade, or part trade, I have prints in a lot of collections, would trade a print at a very good price. - thanks, bill lesch