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Thread: Mule build for under $75?

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    Default Mule build for under $75?

    Howdy! I'm new here, so please pardon me if I ask a lot of questions. I'm sure this topic has probably been covered before, but I decided to ask in case there is something new that might have just come out that will fit the bill. After looking at the options, I decieded that for close-up work while on duty I would like to have the option of something like the McGizmo Mule. I like the fact that there is no "hot spot," and that there is just steady even light. I spend a lot of time looking for things in the dark, and to be able to see everywhere in the same even light is attractive. After asking a friend about the Aleph Mules that I had seen, he suggested I might look for an LED that I could simply remove the reflector from. I am a total Noob, so I have no idea which lights currently available will do this. What I need, essentially, is this:

    LED (he suggests trying to find something with an XML emitter)
    AA Batteries (for ease of use and replacement)
    Current production light (customs are tasty, but prodo lights are more practical for the abuse I am likely to dish out)
    Removable reflector (in case I decide I want to change the light back at some point)

    And, as this might be the sticking point, at a price of at/under $75.

    Any help with this is greatly appreciated!!! I'm also reading as much as I can to bring myself up to date on what is out there, so please bear with me.

    For reference, I currently carry on duty a Streamlight Strion. It has the 85 lumen incan bulb, and is rechargeable. Thank you all!!!


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    Default Re: Mule build for under $75?

    Just remoiving the reflector will kind of work. But you will loose a lot of light, and you wont get the wide beam of a mulehead.
    The Zebralight h502 xm-l might be of interest. A perfect little worklight with the wide, even beam. I got the way way older and dimmer zebralight h30. Its fantastic with a small anglehead "mule". If you tailstand it, you light up a wall Clip it on to your pocket for handsfree
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    Default Re: Mule build for under $75?

    Get an aspheric zoomable light. You'll be able to go from narrow beam to wide spot with no spill beam.

    Search for "Romisen RC-29 II R5 Flood-to-Throw LED Flashlight" on Google and you'll be able to purchase it from ShiningBeam.

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    Default Re: Mule build for under $75?

    LED Lenser P7 (aaa) or P14 (aa batteries) would be perfect, but I don't know about removing the reflector - probably not.

    These lights are zoomable (trademark mechanism) and they have a very even beam. Cost around $60. Perfect!!

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    Default Re: Mule build for under $75?

    I think I'm fairly safe in saying that any small penlight/keychain light will be nearly 100% flood if you put a piece of frosted scotch tape over the lens.

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    Default Re: Mule build for under $75?

    If you are willing to compromise on battery type then this may fit your needs.

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