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Thread: Powerful green laser module for flashlight mod

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    Thinking Powerful green laser module for flashlight mod

    I have a Eagletac T20c2 with an s2 led. It originally had an r5, but after a 3 story fall onto concrete the internally circuitry got messed up.
    After getting the s2 module I didn't know what to do with the old r5 one. What I am thinking of is drilling a hole through it and inserting a green laser module. With the laser module in the casing of the old led module, I could make it a flashlight, or a laser that is waterproof!

    Do any of you know where to get a 532nm green laser module that is 200mw+, preferably ir filtered too?
    Max dimensions can be ~16mm wide and ~70mm long if I use 1x rcr123a instead of a 18650.

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    Aries Series 532 nm Green Portable Laser.

    You might have to cut it up a little to get it to size.
    Maybe just add some 'o' rings and silicone goo to make it waterproof?

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    Default Re: Powerful green laser module for flashlight mod

    If you are just looking for something cool to play around with you can find an 80-100mw module on ebay for around $20-$25. I have purchased several of them and installed them into flashlights they will run good off your 3.7v li-ion or one of those common 3xAAA holders. For a 200mw ir filtered green your looking to spend some money. The ones on ebay will most likely come in a 13mm module so you will need a 13mm drill bit or if you dont have one you can use a 1/2" and wobble your drill around until it fits... but it depends on what quality your going for. here is a link to one and best of luck...

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    Default Re: Powerful green laser module for flashlight mod

    Also, IR filters are available from several places, so if the laser you choose ends up not being filtered, you still have options. and both have ~1cm^2 IR filters. Snap 'em like normal glass using glass scoring tool. Novalasers appears to be Canadian, o-like is in China.

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