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Thread: External battery pack mod help

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    Default External battery pack mod help

    Looking to modify my new Apex Pro Rechargeable by building an another 18650 external battery pack. I am looking for a high quality, water resistant 2 x 18650 holder/case with cable and connectors. I have been searching but all I can find are cheap cases and connectors that I don't think would stand up to the rest of the quality of the PT construction.

    Does anyone have any experience and/or recommendations for custom external battery packs?

    I promise to send pictures when done.

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    Default Re: External battery pack mod help

    Consider buying a cheapo (<$10 imported) headlamp with a 2x18650 battery pack at the same voltage - cut it off and wire it to the Apex.

    I have ordered the holders for replicating this build but they have not arrived yet - I plan to use some Trailtech connectors from batteryspace.

    Good luck!

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