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Thread: Did I ruin both my 14500's?

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    Ooo Did I ruin both my 14500's?

    I believe I ruined my silver ultrafire 900mah 14500s
    The first battery I used till the protection kicked in twice. The cell read 2.8v when I pulled it out. When I got home and checked it again it went up to 3.2v. I charged it and the green light goes on when the cell hits 3.8v. From what I have read here I believe the battery went to sleep, Am I rite? And should I try to parallel it with a 18650? Or should I recycle/toss it and buy some aw 14500s.

    The second battery I was charging the green light went on I pulled it off, and went to check the voltage. Just a minute ago I was measuring the amp draw on my peak el capitan 1.5 amps. Any way I forgot to switch the lead back to volt ohm. When I touched leads to the battery nothing happened on the meter but a little bit of smoke came off end of the leads. When I did check the voltage it was at 4.1v. Now hears the kicker, the first battery lights up my light nice and bright, about twice as bright an alkaline.The battery I shorted lights up my light to about the same brightness and a alkaline. Should I just recycle it?

    I plan on getting some AW protected 14500's Is there a better choice in cells? Should I get IMR's? What are the best lithium rechargeable?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Did I ruin both my 14500's?

    And this is why we can't have nice things.

    Well, I'm using unprotected Sanyo 840 mAh cells in my Xeno and ShiningBeam lights, so no experience with protected 14500s, however HKJ just did a review on the new Intl-Outdoor protected 14500s using the same Sanyo 840 Li-Ion cell as its basis and they test pretty well.

    EagleTac 14500 have an 'unknown' cell, AW 14500s use a good cell, Intl-Outdoor uses the Sanyo, Keeppower uses a good cell, but aren't for sale.

    I stay away from XXXXfire labeled cells.

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