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Thread: Lost my favorite light.

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    Default Lost my favorite light.

    I've had a fenix pd30 for around 2 years. Thing came everywhere with me. I was at the range on Sunday, and when I got home I noticed my left pocket was empty.

    I called everywhere I went, nobody turned in a flashlight.

    I swear it feels like I lost a friend.

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    Default Re: Lost my favorite light.

    I know how you feel. I *lost* my keys car/house/other house/safe/everything! I drove to all the stores and parking lots I visited. Nobody turned them in. I called the security office of the 2 malls I been to. I had a new set of keys made from my backup keys. I changed the matching locks on all the doors. Then while walking in the dark at home (where's my flashlight?) I stepped on them! You may still find your light. Did you look in your range bag? Of course you did....

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    Default Re: Lost my favorite light.

    I feel your pain...I lost a Lummi Raw NS with 4 ice blue trits and a nice bag a number of years back...The best thing you could do is order another or something better!!

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    Default Re: Lost my favorite light.

    I know what you mean. Many months ago I thought I lost my EDC, an ITP A1 EOS. We painted the entire inside of our house recently. Everything was out of place and had to be gone through. A week or so ago my wife tells me "I found one of your flashlights". Well, around here that's like saying, "I found one of your socks" or "I found some change in the sofa again". But when I went to claim it, I shouted "It's my EDC! Where did you find it?" She went on to explain that it was laying out one day when our young grandsons were coming over and she was concerned they would want to play with it so she tossed it in one of those rolling plastic drawer stacks and there it stayed, forgotten, abandoned until we went through everything. I was too happy and relieved to ask why she would bury my EDC light in a cavernous drawer stuffed full of crayons, coloring books, broken happymeal toys, hot wheel cars and catnip mice. Don't give up hope JonnyRocket. It just might turn up!
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    It never turned up. I bought an exact replacement PD30, but it's just not the same. I described it to my wife like this: you just lost the family dog and got a new puppy. The new puppy is great, but can't replace the original.

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    Default Re: Lost my favorite light.

    it sucks losing gear that you use and appreciate.

    i lost two lights but was able to replace one thanks to the marketplace and with the help of some generous members.

    two ways to minimize loss of edc 1. chunky or long lanyards with clips, etc... 2. put your contact info on a SMALL piece of paper in the battery tube with a reward offer.

    even my lights with clips (of which i only have 1 or two cllipped lights left) I use chunky or long lanyards to aid in retention and visibility. Bright colors help.

    JCalvert makes some nice lanyards. His is what I use personally.
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