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Thread: NovaLux NovaTac with Lux-RC L334 Triple

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    Default NovaLux NovaTac with Lux-RC L334 Triple


    this is my first significant mod, I hope You all enjoy reading.
    I was looking for a compact triple LED light for a long time, unfortunately the Oveready solutions were too expensive for me and I prefer UIs with an electronic switch. During my research I fell in love with the Lux-RC L334 triple modules with the complex momentary switch UI. They are offered with an output of 4W, 6.5W, 10W and 15W and with dfifferent LED options. I decided to order the 6.5W version with XPG-R4 NW LEDs. The 6.5W version is the strongest version that works regulated with one LiIOn cell, the stronger variants require two cells for fully regulated output. They have a protection circuit for one and two cells, therefore it is not possible to use Cr123 primaries with the regular version of the engine.
    The host is a NovaTac Special Ops operated with one Sanyo 16650 cell. I don't know another modding host with an electronic switch available for 40US$.

    Family portrait with one distant relative

    First I had to remove the PCB from the NovaTac light engine. In order to achieve this, I opened the light engine with a Dremel and pried the PC off. I should have used a heat gun, because I lost the contact for the switch on the LED side of the PCB. I could fix this by soldering the signal wire directly onto the contact of the battery side of the PCB.

    The next two steps were done by a friend of mine. He bored out the head (You can see the original funnel shaped reflector seat in the next picture) and made the heatsink on a lathe. The hole in the middle of the heatsink helps exchanging the light engine.

    I applied a thin layer of arctic Silver to the bottom of the light engine and inserted it into the heatsink. I attached the preconfigured board connector kit and soldered the wires to the NovaTac PCB. The optic is a carclo 10507 narrow clear. The heatsink and the light engine are pressed together by the lens and the PCB retaining screw. Swapping the light engine for a stronger or more economic model or other LEDs will be very easy in the future.

    Technical specs (from the datasheet of the light engine)
    Luminous flux: 745 Lumen
    Electrical Power consumption: 6.5 W
    Input voltage 2.5 - 9.5 V
    Temp. Management Step Down: 80°C / Cut Off: 120°C
    Standby current: 30 µA
    CCT: 4500K

    The light engine has a low voltage protection at 3V and 6V, therefore the real voltage range will be 3 to 9.5V. Some custom versions without protection might work with 2.5V.

    User Interface
    The flow chart of the UI looks very complicated at first sight. If You distegard the flashing modes, You just select one of three modes. The table shows the Light levels in the different modes and how You access them while the light is switched off. The mid level can be set to any value between 1 and 100%.

    Mode Levels Switch on Switch off
    Simple 1% - 100% PHR - C C
    Complex 1% - Mid - 100% PHR - C - CC C - PHR - PHR
    Tactical 100% Momentary Momentary
    Button Lock Locked CCCC CCCC

    Explanation: PHR = Press-Hold-Release; C = Click

    Comments regarding the light engine
    I like how the flashing modes are hidden
    The flashing Standby Indicator looks really evil
    30 uA Standby current are a good low value
    The memory for the mode selection and the value of the mid level should be stored for 30 seconds, but it already forgets the settings after a battery change.
    The Standby indicator also flashes during button lock, it is only deactivated in the Tactical mode.
    The light gets hot quickly on high level. I regard this a sign of good heatsinking.

    The standby indicator flashes every 5 seconds (slightly overexposed by automatic camera)

    I really enjoy this light. I like the direct access to all three light levels. If You want to copy this mod You can also consider to use the 4W version with 1*16340 in a smaller NovaTac or the stronger variants with two 16340s, if You want a dragster.

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    Default Re: NovaLux NovaTac with Lux-RC L334 Triple

    Nice write up

    I have an original Novatac (US made), I am thinking about getting this mod done now

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    Default Re: NovaLux NovaTac with Lux-RC L334 Triple

    That's very nice indeed
    Bring on the night...

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    Default Re: NovaLux NovaTac with Lux-RC L334 Triple

    Nice work. Enjoyed seeing your mod...Robert

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    Default Re: NovaLux NovaTac with Lux-RC L334 Triple

    Great write up, thanks for taking the time to post it.

    Nice mod, love the red stand by light. Worth the work just for that!

    Sorry to go off topic - TX101 what was the light you showed me with a small red LED for low setting? It was a twist action.

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    Default Re: NovaLux NovaTac with Lux-RC L334 Triple

    excellent mod and thanks for sharing

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    Default Re: NovaLux NovaTac with Lux-RC L334 Triple

    Another great Novamod...

    sig line removed to help search function...

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    Default Re: NovaLux NovaTac with Lux-RC L334 Triple

    Thanks for sharing. As I know this is a unique electronic button flashlight build. I still do not understand how they implemented the mom button in this housing.

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    Default Re: NovaLux NovaTac with Lux-RC L334 Triple

    The spring between the battery and the tube is used for the momentary switch contact, therefore the three contact rings on PCBs. You can see the spring in Selfbuilts review.

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    Default Re: NovaLux NovaTac with Lux-RC L334 Triple

    thanks for sharing your mod. pretty awesome!
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