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Thread: 4sevens preon two

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    hey guys i have had a Streamlight stylus for about a year now and love it, but i really like the preon 2 is it worth more than twice the cost of the stylus? what do you guys think?

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    I've had a Preon II for about 5 months and use it every day. small enough to fit in a pocket and bright enough for use around the house.
    I recently ordered a preon I body and am using it with the P2 clicky switch and head with a 10440 500 ma cell and like it more than the PII.
    It's smaller, brighter and fits in pocket even better. it gets warm on high but I rarely need it for more than a few minutes at a time.

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    I have the Stylus Pro (24 lumens), the Stylus Pro C4 (48 lumens) and the Preon 2. The Preon 2 is worth every penny.

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    It depends, I have the Preon, the Stylus Pro, the C4, and the Microstream and they all work well for me, I also have the Terralux Lightstar 80 which is along the same lines but higher lumens than the Stylus. The big advantage to the Stylus and Lightstar is the momentary on function which I really like for my daily vehicle inspections. The Preon is nice for having the three main power settings. Is the Preon worth the price yes, but so are the Stylus Pros and I honetly tend to use them twice for every time I use the PReon.

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    I have the Streamlight Stylus Pro and a Preon 2. I almost never use the Streamlight anymore because the preon is just so much better. If you want the low light levels like the stylus pro the you have it if you want high then you have it. It also has strobe, SOS, and Beacon high and low which I find useful. The clicky switch is better in my opinion than the stylus pro because it is covered by a metal cap to increase durability. The thing you may have to do is loosen the bezel to avoid accidental actuation of the light. Putting batteries in the preon is much easer than in the stylus and the light pattern is also very nice for EDC because it is more of an even flood.

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    i have both the 1xaaa and 2xaaa stylus pros. the 1xaaa seems to put out more light or at least a better throw. Are the preons the same thickness?

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