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Thread: Have Money But Not Sre What To Buy

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    Default Have Money But Not Sre What To Buy

    Hi first post
    So I have $120 on Amazon and I am looking for a new light I have Surefire, Inova, Energizer Nite strike, Mag led, Streamlight Etc.
    I am looking for something new to edc my edc is now a SF G2X Pro (I like the low high settings) I would like something smaller but bright. I don't mind low and high settings but am not a big fan of multiple settings strobe s.o.s. etc my only thing is I want it to use Cr123 batteries (but I am not against AA) and be Led.I also don't mind belt carry.
    I have looked at these brands but don't know a lot about them.
    Fenix Olight Quark Zebralight
    Any help Recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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    Default Re: Have Money But Not Sre What To Buy

    These lights are available on Amazon.

    Nitecore EC1

    Jetbeam RRT-01

    Sunwayman V11R

    Eagletac D25C clicky (not yet)

    I highly recommend the very small and cheap Olight i1.
    It is a great little light, but the tint is very green.

    The Quark X 1232 can be lego'd and is very bright.
    And also the tint is a little green.

    Do you want something floody or throw?

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