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Thread: Spectral Extravaganza: The Ultimate Light

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    Default Spectral Extravaganza: The Ultimate Light

    Spectral Extravaganza: The Ultimate Light


    " What do you get when you cross an astronomically-inclined physicist with concerns over energy efficiency in lighting? Spectra. Lots and lots of spectra. In this post, we値l become familiar with spectral characterization of light, see example spectra of a number of household light sources, and I値l even throw in some mind-blowing photos. In the process, we値l evaluate just how efficient lighting could possibly be, along the way understanding something about the physiology of light perception and the definition of the increasingly ubiquitous lighting measure called the lumen. Buckle your physics ..."

    This is a good artical about how we see color, it's interesting with good explanations without being to technical.

    =D~~ Kilted

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    Default Re: Spectral Extravaganza: The Ultimate Light

    It is very interesting...I'm less than halfway through and have already learned a bunch! Once the five-year-old goes to bed I can dedicate more time to it. Thanks for linking it!

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