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Thread: I think I just lost the tk-35 tint lottery

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    Question I think I just lost the tk-35 tint lottery

    Hello, I picked up a fenix tk-35 and I think it may be faulty. I'd just like to clarify a few things before bringing this up with the dealer.

    When I point the flashlight at a white wall from 2 meters away on low-med, there is a 10" greenish ball in the center, surrounded by a 6" brighter white halo. I notice the same effect on high-turbo when pointing at a darker object. That is what a "donut" is in flashlight terms, correct?

    Should the center of the main beam be a shade darker than the rest of the beam, like in my description ? Or should it all be one solid color in the center, and slowly fade outwards?

    And when people say their tk-35 has a green tint, do they mean the entire beam is slightly greenish, or just sections of it, such as in my description?

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    Default Re: I think I just lost the tk-35 tint lottery

    The XM-L emitter is known for that tint shift across the beam. It does sound like you got a "greeny" emitter though. Just part of the game with certain lights/brands as it sounds like you already know. I wouldn't consider it a defect. Try the light outside and see if it is bothersome.

    A doughnut hole would be a dark spot in the center of the hot spot.
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    Default Re: I think I just lost the tk-35 tint lottery

    Something sounds a bit amiss here. The "tint lottery" usually refers to the tendency for batches of the same LED to have unpleasant tints. Usually bluish or greenish with cooler LEDS and sometimes pinkish or greenish with warmer LEDS. The tint can sometimes be more pronounced or obvious at lower output levels with current controlled lights. Also the tint may be more pronounced in certain parts of the beam pattern. In general manufacturers aren't inclined to accept a slight green or blue tint as a flaw requiring replacement.

    A donut pattern in a light with a smooth reflector (like the tk35) can sometimes appear at close distances. Most beamshots I've seen of the tk-35 don't show a donut at any reasonable distance (like 2 meters where you were testing). Compare your experiences with the typical beamshots in various CPF postings. If it is just a little off you are probably gonna have to live with it. If it is totally different (and almost all the beamshots posted that I've seen are VERY similar) then there may well be a manufacturing flaw that would be covered by Fenix.

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    It sounds like you are describing my TK35 perfectly freman. The donught hole is what gets me. The green halo isn't too bad. When I'm trying to spot something at a distance, the center of the hot spot is dimmer than the edges.
    I've been favoring my Maelstrom X10 over my TK these days for a small spotlight. The hotspot is nice on the X10.
    Was your TK35 a U2 emitter version?
    Mine is not.

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    Default Re: I think I just lost the tk-35 tint lottery

    As per Selbuilt's TK35 review on 4/10/11. "First off, this sample has one of the most greenish tints I've ever seen".
    Donut holes and smooth reflectors seem to go hand in hand in my experience, in real world use it doesn't seem to bother me.
    Strong tints drive me crazy, I can live with them on lower levels but on max I want the beam as close to white as possible.
    Let's face it, these torches aren't cheap. If you're not happy, send it back! I wouldn't keep it because it seems to be what many others have. You're the one that has to use it everyday!
    I recommended a friend to check a TK50, as he wanted a thrower that would run on regular batteries. When I saw what came out the front of this thing I was gobsmacked! To this very day I have never, never, seen such a green tinted light in my life. I told him "take it back!" "Na, I'll live with it, I got a good deal". He's never used it since and I repeatedly volunteered to take it back. He wouldn't take me up on it. A waste of 75$!

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    Default Re: I think I just lost the tk-35 tint lottery

    If you just bought that light and it has a greenish tint, that is definitely an old stock. I know the new TK35's sport the new U2 LED.

    The greenish tint becomes apparent when you are not on turbo mode. If you shine the beam on a wall close enough, you will see the donut hole in the middle. I guess its because of the reflector.

    If you were promised a TK35 with a U2 XML, the dealer definitely did not send you that.

    Even with its shortcomings, it's still a pretty solid light. (Ive been a TK35 user for more than a year now)

    Good luck! Maybe you could have that swapped with the newer TK35 model. If I were to buy the TK35 now, that's the one I'd get.
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    Has anyone posted that the U2 version of the TK35 is any better for green tint and donut holes ?

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