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Thread: *Suspended* Driver and Switch Swap ASAP (back by July 5th)

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    Default *Suspended* Driver and Switch Swap ASAP (back by July 5th)

    *Request Suspended Until Further Notice*

    I just received a Roche XM-L light. The host is fine, but after playing with it for a few minutes, the light stopped working. I know the usual mantra "clean and lubricate the threads" and test it with different cells, but I am going another route with this light. I like the XM-L and the host, but the driver isn't for me. Here is what I want:

    1) Someone to swap the cheap feeling reverse clicky with a lower resistance reverse clicky that is a bit more firm (not as hard as a McClicky hardpress, as that hurts my fingers a lot...but the stock switch is truly a joke)
    2) Install a new driver in the head that operates as follows:

    a) Two modes
    b) Mode one = 350mA
    c) Mode two = 2 amps
    d) No mode memory; always turns on in mode one at 350mA
    e) When voltage falls below 2.7/2.8 volts, go to moonlight mode that is just bright enough for me to hunt down a new battery
    f) Have as flat regulation as possible

    If you can help, I would need this done very fast. I need the light back in my hands by Thursday, July the Fifth. Otherwise, I will change the thread title and bump it many weeks later, since it is past my target date.

    The ideal candidate:

    The ideal candidate is someone who lives within one hour of zip code 10535. Then I could drive there to drop off the light and then drive back/have it mailed back.

    As an alternative, I could use Express Mail, which is one day each way.

    Additionally, if you have a driver which comes very close to meeting my requirements, please contact me.

    Same goes if you are a little farther away.

    I much prefer to trade, but am willing to pay as well.


    Pelican 2430 (GITD version now gone)

    Best/fastest way to reach me is here:

    I will not be able to respond/reply to emails until Sunday evening, July the First.

    Please drop me a line if you see this thread and can help.

    ~Many thanks!
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