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Thread: Lumens Factory XM-L M Head Assembly

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    Default Lumens Factory XM-L M Head Assembly

    I've been searching around CPF but haven't found any talk about this product.

    Many of us have the Lumens Factory P7 M Turbo Head assembly, myself included. I am interested in the new XM-L version. When you look at the XM-L specs on the Lumens Factory website the increase in brightness in only minimal over the P7 version but all the other relevant data such as runtime, beam specifics and comparisons are usually developed by members here at CPF.

    The other good news is the P7 version is now offered at a reduced price.

    Any real world info about this new product would be much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Lumens Factory XM-L M Head Assembly

    Too bad the Seraph P7 single mode has been out of stock for awhile now from lighthound, would have liked to pick another one up. The one I'm currently using is still going strong, but considering its importance as an EDC I would prefer to have some redundancy

    XML based would cause the hotspot to be noticeably smaller due to smaller die size, it might be a dealbreaker for me as there are way too many lights that are mostly "throw," but we'll see what the reviews say

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