Hey guys, I'm in the military and I'm looking for a new headlamp. I currently have a crappy Energizer that requires me to click through three levels of white light to get the red and that just isn't acceptable. I really need a good red light for night land navigation and need a lamp that won't accidentally discharge.

I'm mostly looking at Princeton Tec's MLPS line because I like the idea of a headlamp that will attach to molle webbing. The Remix Pro ( http://princetontec.com/?q=remix-pro-mpls ) is the one I'm most interested in cause it uses red LEDs instead of a diffuser. Not crazy about the CR123 battery requirement but I could live with that.

Anyone used any of the Princeton Tec headlamps? Any idea what kind of red LEDs they use (ie: are they true red, or red-orange)? How does the Remix Pro compare the to EOS Tactical or Quad Tactical (especially in terms of red light brightness)? Any other suggestions for a head lamp that would suit my needs?