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Thread: Spiderfire 18650 Blue or Yellow Label

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    Default Spiderfire 18650 Blue or Yellow Label

    Does anyone have any experience with these?

    I saw a review comparing 16340s a couple years ago and the Spiderfire 16340s performed favorably for their rated 1000 Mah.

    The ones I'm looking at are rated 2400 and are 18650s.
    Yes I know about AWs but I'm short on cash to buy 4+ cells.

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    Default Re: Spiderfire 18650 Blue or Yellow Label

    You can get either Xtar 2600mAh's (~$15 for pair, Sanyo-based, just like AW) or Hi-Max 2600mAh's ($28 for 6 pieces, Samsung-based), they both would be infinitely better than anything-Fire due to having proper cells (Sanyo & Samsung respectively) inside. Don't waste your time and money with *Fire crap (only good *Fire batteries are genuine TF2400's.. but there are so much fakes of them sold online, that it's easier to get a fake than a real one).

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