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Thread: SPF AOTH Holster for LS27

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    Default SPF AOTH Holster for LS27

    Art of the Hide (AOTH) holster with flap. I overpaid for it when I got it (yeah I know that's my problem...).
    I just sold the LS27 & buyer did not want the holster. Shown in photo below

    Has magnetic "connector" on flap. Has belt loop. I believe it is elephant (but may be shark?).

    $125 shipped UPS ground in CONUSA
    $140 shipped out of the USA

    Out of USA Buyer assumes all risk if they do not buy insurance. This may also raise the shipping - pm me for quote if insurance desired.

    I reserve the right to not sell to anyone
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    Default Re: AOTH Holster for LS27

    I'll take it.

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    Default Re: AOTH Holster for LS27

    PP sent. Thank you.

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