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Thread: Recommend me a XM-L P60 drop-in?

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    Default Recommend me a XM-L P60 drop-in?

    Hi CPF!!! I need help please… I am considering my first "P60" style light: a Solarforce L2P. I am hoping to find a drop-in that fits as much of the following criteria as possible:

    Emitter: XM-L

    Tint: 1C? I don’t totally understand binning etc but so far I think a Neutral White would suit me best. I really dislike a green or a yellow tint. If anything I would prefer slightly blue but totally neutral would be best.

    Reflector: Orange Peel. The heavier the OP, the better.

    Driver modes: No flashing modes! A 2 or 3 mode would be preferred. A 2 mode of around 100%, 5% would be needed, or a 3 mode around 100%, 25%, 5%.

    Mode Order: Ascending (low to high)

    Mode Memory: Yes, 2 seconds

    Lower modes output control: PWM (I think? I would prefer the tint to stay consistent on the lower modes even if its at the cost of a little bit of run time) I would want a PWM frequency that was undetectable by eye though.

    Driver output: maximum around 1400mA (I am aiming for minimum 400 OTF lumens)

    Max Voltage Input: 4.6 volts

    Thermal protection: Yes

    Low battery cut-off: No

    I realise this is a pretty substantial list of features! I may have to just settle for a single mode drop-in or resort to making my own but I thought I would ask the question here in case anyone knew of a product that has these features. I have looked on the more common sites but I have found nothing that suits yet.

    Any thoughts are appreciated!!!

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    Default Re: Recommend me a XM-L P60 drop-in?

    I would suggest going over to Nailbender's thread. You can configure it any way you want, including the tint, driver, etc. I just got a high CRI P60 in a Solarforce L2P and I love it. Of course, the XM-L would be significantly brighter - you will easily get 400+ lumens out of it.

    Nailbender is here

    A little info on his drop ins (high CRI) is here

    The XM-L options are:

    Cree XM-L $40

    U2 flux bin 1A 6500k+ Cool White

    T60 flux bin 3C 5000k daylight white

    T50 flux Bin 4C 4300K neutral white

    T40 flux bin 5B3 4000k neutral white

    T40 flux bin 6A3 3500k Warm white

    T30 flux bin E7 3000K Warm White

    Direct drive
    1 Level only (potting and tape included this model only)
    works well in the 26650 Cooly's by Five Mega.

    3 level / 2.8 amp /3.4 - 9 volts (high / med / low with memory ) NEW!!! $45 Best used with 2X Li ion or 2X primaries

    Available levels with memory (2.8-6 volts only)
    1 level Regulated
    2 level HI / Low Regulated
    3 level Low / Med / High Regulated
    3 level Hi / Low / Strobe Regulated (rotation of levels may change between driver batches)
    5 level Low / Med / High / SOS / Strobe Regulated
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    Default Re: Recommend me a XM-L P60 drop-in?

    Nailbender T60 3C ...
    3 level low to high
    when in doubt: buy both

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    Default Re: Recommend me a XM-L P60 drop-in?

    Thanks guys for the help! I thought there might be some "off the shelf" options but at least i have somewhere to start. thanks again!

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    Default Re: Recommend me a XM-L P60 drop-in?

    me too recommend you Nailbender T60 3C ... 3 level low to high. make this setting and you will get the best out of it.

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