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Thread: Quick question xp-c

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    Default Quick question xp-c

    Quick question, how old is the cree xp-c ? Looking at a light with a xp-c
    I am not looking for the latest such as xml but is the xp-c still worth getting ? This would be 3AA pulling about .5 amp Not looking for brightness but runtime. This is 1 level light.

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    Default Re: Quick question xp-c

    Check the specs - should have stated runtimes. My ssc p4 (older led) mag lite runs for dozens of hours on 3x AA, slowly dimming.
    My biggest light-hog is my camera.

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    The XP-C is the smallest of the XP family, behind the larger XP-E and much larger XP-G. I'm not sure when it was first released, but its not very good on most fronts--its rated current maximum is .5A, and highest bin is Q5 (which is about 20% dimmer than the highest XP-E at comparable drive current, and even further behind an R5 or S2 XP-G). (The one advantage is that, when overdriven, it has crazy surface brightness and, consequently, throw. See the DEFT-EDC for an example).

    Judging from the battery configuration and single mode, I'm guessing that the light is direct-drive. Coupled with the slightly higher Vf of the XP-C relative to the other XP models (to say nothing of the sub-3V-XM-Ls), this light will have slightly lower runtime than many lights with larger/more expensive emitter, but runtimes will be more dependent on the batteries you choose, since internal resistance comes into play with direct drive.
    If its a linear reg driver, then all runtimes will be identical, as Vf does not come into play. Doesn't matter how bright it is.

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    Default Re: Quick question xp-c

    The XPC is somewhat underrated in that die to primary optic makes it one of the best CD/lumen leds for torches

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