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Thread: THINKING OF USING A LUXEON REBEL 7 LED BOARD & Polymer Optics 7 LED Cluster 50° Optic

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    Default THINKING OF USING A LUXEON REBEL 7 LED BOARD & Polymer Optics 7 LED Cluster 50° Optic

    Hey guys,

    Am new to the forum and wanted to know if anyone has used the Luxeon Rebel 7 light and optics? I'm building a custom light for a filming job i have coming up and was thinking of using this led setup and machining my own housing from PVS pipe. I have made some custom housings in the past for a variety of underwater applications (usually scientific research) so have no worries about this part but led lights are new to me as i have used HID in the past. However i have put the HID lights through some 'abusive' conditions such as 160M dives and cave dives that have lasted hours on the rebrether and i find them a little to sensitive to abuse and require to much power for long duration applications.

    I have been researching all manner of possbile led set ups and think that at 1600 LM the rebel 7 might fit my needs and be a realtively easy set up? Has anyone used these and what did they think?

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated !


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    Default Re: THINKING OF USING A LUXEON REBEL 7 LED BOARD & Polymer Optics 7 LED Cluster 50° O

    how did you come to the conclusion that a rebel 7 at 1600lm fit your needs. What are you looking for?

    a luxeon rebel is one of the slightly older high power leds. There are currently leds which are more efficient or more powerfull.
    for example, led-tech.de sells similar boards but with cree xpg leds which go up to about the double output, although you need to provide more current, so the battery will last less. You can however give less current and the will still last longer or provide more output than the rebels.

    I haven't used boards with 7 leds yet, but I used a board with 4 cree xpg's and it puts out a nice amount of light (actually more than 1600lm) but it is less suited for murky waters.

    If you are looking for a lot of light, you can even find a board with 7 cree XMLs at the same website or with 8 XMLs at cutter.com.au.
    For drivers, I can recommend taskled.com drivers.

    For led optics, be carefull with the angle that is specified. Often they specify the half angle at 50% of the intensity, so in reality it will be double that (usually indicated like ±15°).
    For filming, others will be able to give you info, but I think they often don't use any optics at all.


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    Default Re: THINKING OF USING A LUXEON REBEL 7 LED BOARD & Polymer Optics 7 LED Cluster 50° O

    You have to be a lot more specific before we can help. Which part numbers are you considering? I found 7xRebel boards ranging from 560 lm to >1600 lm.

    My first dive light with 6x Rebels and Polymer Optics lenses was pretty good. It should have put out 1080 lm. I never checked it, but it seemed pretty good, though the beam pattern was a bit weird. My second dive light is a single XM-L with aspheric lens. It should put out 1000 lm. It blows away the first light. I haven't measured it, but I'd guess 2-3 times the total light output. I don't know if the difference is elecrtronics, LED, or optics, but my guess is some LED and some optics, with minimal electronics impact.

    One thing I can say for sure is that I like the beam pattern from the single LED + aspheric lens much better than I like the 6x Polymer Optics beam. Also my second light is focusable, which isn't possible with most multiple-emitter designs. That probably isn't important in a video light. In fact for a video light, optics may be unnecessary. or maybe a wide shallow reflector would be all you need.

    I thought the Rebel was discontinued. Is it still available and comparable efficiency to the XM-L?

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