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Thread: Top list - The most discussed flashlights of the past 12 months

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    Lightbulb The most discussed flashlights of the past 12 months

    "?"-column: q = questionable. kreis105 suggestion has not been 100% fully adopted in the present firmware version 1.05, hmm. therefore suggesting again as kreis106 suggestion for FW1.06.
    p# ? parameter settings MC3000 firmware FW1.07 iMax B6mini firmware 1.10 iCharger 106B+ firmware 3.14 kreis107 suggestion for FW1.08 DC2 comments
    01 NiMH MODES
    1. {Charge|
    2. Refresh|
    3. Break_in|
    4. Discharge|
    5. Cycle}
    1. {Charge|
    2. Discharge|
    3. Cycle}
    1. {Charge|
    2. Discharge|
    3. Cycle|
    4. Forming_charge}
    02 NiMH CHARGE rate {0.05|0.06|…|2.99|3.00}A {0.1|0.2|…|5.9|6.0}A {0.05|0.06|…|0.1|0.2|…|9.9|10.0}A unchanged
    03 NiMH CHARGE capacity cut-off {OFF|100|200|…|49900|50000}mAh
    safety factor=1.0 for DCHG
    safety factor=1.0 for CHG
    {OFF|100|200|…|49900|50000}mAh safety factor=1.0 {OFF|100|200|…|99800|99900}mAh safety factor=1.0 unchanged
    04 NiMH CHARGE alt. algorithms N/A {CHARGE Man|CHARGE Auto} {CHARGE Man|CHARGE Auto} unchanged Whatzz Man
    05 NiMH CHARGE delta peak {0dV|1|2|3|4|…|19|20}mV {4|5|…|14|15}mV
    NiMH RE-PEAK {1|2|3}
    NiCd RE-PEAK {1|2|3}
    PEAK DELAY {OFF|1|2|…|5}min
    NiMH {1|2|3|4|…|19|20}mV
    NiCd {1|2|…|8|…|19|20}mV
    unchanged voltage plateau "0△V"
    06 NiMH CHARGE trickle charge {OFF|10|20|…|290|300}mA {OFF|50|51|…|299|300}mA {OFF|10|20|…|490|500}mA unchanged same for NiCd, OFF for NiZn
    07 NiMH CHARGE target voltage {1.47|1.48|…|1.79|1.80}V N/A N/A unchanged
    08 NiMH CHARGE restart voltage {OFF|1.30|1.31|…|1.44|1.45}V N/A N/A unchanged
    09 NiMH DISCHARGE rate {-0.05|-0.06|…|-1.99|-2.00}A {0.1|0.2|…|1.9|2.0}A {0.05|0.06|…|0.1|0.2|…|6.9|7.0}A unchanged
    10 NiMH DISCHARGE delta peak {OFF} N/A N/A unchanged
    11 NiMH DISCHARGE delta peak {OFF} N/A N/A unchanged
    12 NiMH DISCHARGE cut-off volts {0.10|0.11|…|1.09|1.10}V {0.1|0.2|…|1.0|1.1}V/Cell {0.1|0.2|…|28.9|29.0}V unchanged
    13 NiMH DISCHARGE reduce {-Zero|-0.01|-0.02|-0.03|…|-1.98|-1.99|OFF}A N/A {OFF|5|6|…|99|100}% unchanged
    14 NiMH CYCLE number {1|2|…|98|99} {1|2|…|4|5} {1|2|…|998|999} unchanged memory
    15 NiMH CYCLE modes {C>D|C>D>C|D>C|D>C>D} {D>C|C>D} {D>C|C>D} unchanged
    16 NiMH BREAK_IN current CHG = 0.1C fixed to 2 decimals
    DCHG = -0.2C fixed to 2 decimals
    N/A N/A
    17 NiMH BREAK_IN cut-off volts {0.10|0.11|…|1.09|1.10}V N/A N/A unchanged
    44 NiMH BREAK_IN mode {C>D>C|D>C>D} N/A N/A unchanged
    18 NiMH BREAK_IN rest time {0|1|2|…|239|240}min for CHG
    {0|1|2|…|239|240}min for DCHG
    N/A N/A unchanged default: 60min
    19 Temperature cut-off {OFF|20|21|…|69|70}°C {OFF|68|69|…|157|158}°F {OFF|20|21|…|79|80}°C
    unchanged battery
    20 Time cut-off {OFF|1|2|…|1439|1440}min {OFF|1|2|…|719|720}min {OFF|1|2|…|998|999}min unchanged total time
    21 Rest Time {0|1|2|…|239|240}min for CHG
    {0|1|2|…|239|240}min for DCHG
    {1|2|…|60}min {0|1|2|…|60}min unchanged
    22 q Output limit N/A Max Power Set: {50|51|…|59|60}W Discharge: {5|10|15|20}W
    Charge: {Auto|50|60|…|250}W
    23 Input limit min volts: {10.0|10.1|…|11.9|12.0}V min volts: {10.0|10.1|…|10.9|11.0}V min volts: {10.0|10.1|…|14.9|15.0}V
    max amps: {1|2|…|21|22}A
    unchanged KISS
    24 Back-light {Auto|1|3|5|ALWAYS ON|OFF}min {Always On} {0|5|10|…|95|100}% unchanged
    25 Cooling Fan {Auto|OFF|ON|20|25|…|45|50}°C
    {Auto} {OFF|Auto|ON} unchanged
    26 Beep Sound pitch {OFF|1|2|…|15|16} Key stroke {ON|OFF}
    Buzzer {ON|OFF}
    Key stroke {ON|OFF}
    Buzzer {ON|OFF}
    Completion {5×|3min|Always|OFF}
    unchanged two octaves
    27 Settings-saved User Programs {01|02|…|29|30} {1|2|…|9|10} {00|01|…|08|09} unchanged
    1. {Charge|
    2. Refresh|
    3. Storage|
    4. Discharge|
    5. Cycle}
    1. {Charge|
    2. Storage|
    3. Discharge}
    1. {Charge|
    2. Storage|
    3. Discharge|
    4. Cycle|
    5. Monitor}
    29 LITHIUM CHARGE rate {0.05|0.06|…|2.99|3.00}A {0.1|0.2|…|5.9|6.0}A {0.05|0.06|…|0.1|0.2|…|9.9|10.0}A unchanged
    30 LITHIUM DISCHARGE rate {-0.05|-0.06|…|-1.99|-2.00}A {0.1|0.2|…|1.9|2.0}A {0.05|0.06|…|0.1|0.2|…|6.9|7.0}A unchanged restrictions apply
    31 LiIon CHARGE target voltage {4.00|4.01|…|4.24|4.25}V Lilo {4.08|4.09|…|4.19|4.20}V
    LiPo {4.18|4.19|…|4.24|4.25}V
    Lilo {3.90|3.91|…|4.19|4.20}V
    LiPo {4.00|4.01|…|4.29|4.30}V
    unchanged 4.20V
    41a LiIon CHARGE restart voltage {OFF|3.98|3.99|…|4.17|4.18}V N/A N/A unchanged
    32 LiIon STORAGE voltage {3.65|3.66|…|3.99|4.00}V Lilo {3.70V}
    LiPo {3.80V}
    Lilo {3.75V}
    LiPo {3.85V}
    unchanged 3.80V
    33 LiIon DISCHARGE cut-off {2.50|2.51|…|3.64|3.65}V Lilo {2.9|3.0|3.1|3.2}V
    LiPo {3.0|3.1|3.2|3.3}V
    Lilo {2.50|2.51|…|4.09|4.10}V
    LiPo {3.00|3.01|…|4.19|4.20}V
    unchanged 3.00V
    34 LiIo4.35 CHARGE target voltage {4.10|4.11|…|4.39|4.40}V N/A N/A unchanged 4.35V
    41b LiIo4.35 CHARGE restart voltage {OFF|4.08|4.09|…|4.32|4.33}V N/A N/A unchanged
    35 LiIo4.35 STORAGE voltage {3.75|3.76|…|4.09|4.10}V N/A N/A unchanged 3.90V
    36 LiIo4.35 DISCHARGE cut-off {2.65|2.66|…|3.74|3.75}V N/A N/A unchanged 3.30V
    37 LiFe CHARGE target voltage {3.40|3.41|…|3.64|3.65}V {3.58|3.59|…|3.69|3.70}V {3.40|3.41|…|3.89|3.90}V unchanged 3.60V
    41c LiFe CHARGE restart voltage {OFF|3.38|3.39|…|3.57|3.58}V N/A N/A unchanged
    38 LiFe STORAGE voltage {3.15|3.16|…|3.39|3.40}V {3.30V} {3.30V} unchanged 3.30V
    39 LiFe DISCHARGE cut-off {2.00|2.01|…|3.14|3.15}V {2.6|2.7|2.8|2.9}V {2.00|2.01|…|3.59|3.60}V unchanged 2.90V
    40 LITHIUM CHARGE termination {Zero|0.01|0.02|…|2.98|2.99|OFF}A {0.1C|0.2C} {0.1C|0.2C} unchanged
    45 LITHIUM DISCHARGE reduce {-Zero|-0.01|-0.02|…|-1.98|-1.99|OFF}A N/A {OFF|5|6|…|99|100}% unchanged restrictions apply
    42 LITHIUM CYCLE modes {C>D|C>D>C|D>C|D>C>D} N/A {D>C|C>D} unchanged
    43 LITHIUM CYCLE number {1|2|…|98|99} N/A {1|2|…|998|999} unchanged memory
    more detailed notes:
    y(x) = b + m*x SLOT#1 SLOT#2 SLOT#3 SLOT#4
    NiMH vertices -2.28526 + 1.01459*x 6.18635 + 0.993133*x -7.37368 + 1.02647*x -3.85048 + 0.986388*x
    NiMH regression -1.94549 + 1.01478*x 7.27019 + 0.992784*x -6.68242 + 1.02620*x -2.50386 + 0.986388*x
    LiIon vertices -1.49737 + 1.01390*x 6.77945 + 0.991513*x -6.73327 + 1.02492*x -3.01876 + 0.982359*x
    LiIon regression -1.14895 + 1.01324*x 7.77560 + 0.991026*x -7.37074 + 1.02477*x -1.55080 + 0.982172*x
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    WOW, that is some heavy info. Nice work

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    Years ago i wrote few massive flashlight reviews, they contained some valid points and half-interesting original thoughts, but were also blown out of proportion with too much blablah textual ballast tl;dr . I've come to an end with my flashlight collection, i don't plan or want to add more to the bunch, so it's a good time now to look back and review some of the latest additions in form of a comparison. I won't comment on all and everything nor systematically but treat aspects freely, whatever feature/property is noteworthy, special, or peculiar, especially good/bad. This review covers a total of 13 1xAAA models (5 clickies + 8 twisties) and we shall focus our attention on the more desirable more recent ones. Let's get started and keep things concise, click on the pics for higher res pics.

    A family pic of the best looking among the 13, Thrunite Ti5T, Foursevens New Preon P1, Fenix LD01SS, Lumintop Tool Ti, Lumintop Worm SS, Ultratac K18SS, Tank007 ES12, Thrunite TiS, Eoslamp SP11-S:

    Let's group in 5's for a size comparison with the remaining less exciting models. Four groups. 1st group, 2×Lumintop, Ti5T, 2×LD01:

    2nd group, Tank007 E09, Preon, Ti5T, LD01SS, Eoslamp:

    3rd group, Tank007 E09 (old version), Tank007 ES12, Ti5T, Tank007 E10, Manker E01:

    4th group, Worm, K18, Ti5T, Tool Ti with Preon clip, TiS:

    That was that. Now let's cut to the chase. Which is the brightest mini torch, 30sec after activation? What's the output after 5min continuous runtime on a fresh battery filled with 800mAh energy? Then we're taking a 1min pause (=light OFF), after which we turn the flashlight back ON again for another measly 30sec runtime and re-check the output, i.e. after a total of 6.5min (=5+1+0.5) elapsed "testing time", what would you expect? Finally, how's output on a depleted battery with only 200mAh energy left to go? Practical questions which had always been haunting me.

    How did i measure brightness? Layman-like i used my smartphone app Light Meter Harmony (lmh) and directed the phone towards a wall corner in a white tiled restroom. The app recorded a frontal single light bounce from that wall corner, at fixed distance, similar to a typical white ceiling bounce. I am not claiming that the lmh numbers are proportional to lumens (nor lux), but they did serve my purpose: a dim light would produce a low lmh number, a bright light a high lmh, and the decline of brightness for a particular model was registered unmistakably.

    Lights with constant brightness don't mind depleted batteries because their great ("flat") regulation produces the same brightness at any time, at any state of charge, given that the battery can still deliver high currents like a depleted Eneloop AAA. Worm, Eoslamp, and LD01 fall under this admirable category. Note though that LD01 steps down after the initial 7min. The Tool Ti is supposed to have the same driver as the Worm but my tests show a decline of brightness on a 200mAh-filled battery, hmm. The Ultratac is not impressively bright on Eneloop but that is made up for by the long runtime and neat efficiency. On 10440 it operates safely and really shines. The New Preon P1 blasts out a great deal of lumen upon activation, then loses momentum rather fast, and after 1min of pause tries to regain it. The P1 seems to be really dependent on the state of the battery, which reminds me a bit of direct-driven lights; definitely no signs of flat regulation. Both Thrunite NeutralWhite lights excel during this 13min (=6.5+6.5) "testing time": super bright upon activation, after 30sec, after 5min, after 6.5min, and similarly bright on a depleted battery, near-flat regulation, impressive performance. What about the Thrunite runtime or efficiency? I don't know. The above table doesn't convey anything about runtimes. If you're after super long runtimes on HIGH-mode, then check the Eoslamp with dimmish constant brightness for over 2hrs! My Tank007 models hit the market 2011, share the identical unefficient low frequency PWM driver, and haven't seen any improvement since. The Manker was reviewed not long ago by UPz, for further performance details on the E01 please check his review.

    Next up, beam sliceshots. They give a quick impression of overall tint and beam angle:

    With such a comparison as reference it is imho fair to comment on tint by calling names, like < greenish, whiteish, purplish, yellowish, creamish, warmish, etc >. I've placed a short video at the end of the review documenting tint performance in motion picture form.

    Now let's go through all models and comment on noteworthy aspects, certain details, may pro's and con's, or summarizing thoughts. For filling out photo content in 16:9 format i grouped the lights in 4 groups à 3 related lights.

    Manker E01 (Nichia) / Tank007 E09 / Fenix LD01

    Eoslamp SP11-S
    (nw) / Lumintop Worm SS / Fenix LD01SS

    Thrunite Ti5T (nw) / Foursevens New Preon P1 / Tank007 E10

    Lumintop Tool Ti / Ultratac K18SS / Thrunite TiS

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    Quote Originally Posted by kreisl View Post
    thanks biglights!

    i plan to update this interesting top list once in a while when i observe major or plenty changes in either list. The Nitecore E-series has certain potential to enter the Front Page or the Reviews Top 20, imho.
    I agree I have the EC1 and it is pretty awesome! Was thinking about getting the EA2 or maybe wait for EC2.

    This list must of took a lot of time.

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    i got my USB cables today and here are some measurements by me:

    green braided FT cable, 94cm 20g 3.4mm 6.60mm 5.55A notes
    white original J5 cable, 71cm 16g 5.6mm 3.00mm
    white original(?) Note3 cable, 95cm 5.9mm, 25g 4.0mm
    black original Tomtom cable, 144cm, ~35.5g 3.5mm 5.85mm
    blue authentic Remax cable, 45g, 94cm 3.7mm x 13.3mm 6.03mm

    transfer length quality thickness micro tomo
    white original J5 USB cable data 71cm 16g 0.225 3.00mm 5.6mm 1.40A/1.30A feels light, thin
    white original(?) Note3 USB cable data 95cm 25g 0.263 4.0mm 5.9mm 1.26A
    green braided FT USB cable data 94cm 20g 0.213 3.4mm 6.60mm 0.78A/0.64A
    black original Tomtom USB cable data 144cm 35.5g 0.247 3.5mm 5.85mm 0.88A/0.73A
    blue authentic Remax USB cable data 94cm 45g 0.479 3.7mm×13.3mm 6.03mm 1.75A/0.60A
    white original Pebble USB cable charge 19.5cm 12g 0.615 4.00mm 6.1mm 1.75A/1.75A
    black original Powerchimp USB cable charge 56cm 11.5g 0.205 1.54mm×5.20mm 6.00mm 1.50A/1.50A
    black Manker U11 USB cable charge 35cm 10g 0.286 3.3mm 6.0mm 1.50A
    black Xtar MC1 USB cable charge 77cm 15g 0.195 3.0mm 6.0mm 0.90A
    black Liitokala Lii-100 USB cable charge 58cm 18g 0.310 3.5mm 6.40mm 1.74A


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    Excellent idea. Thanks for posting this.

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    Son of beech, sheet! How long did it take you to aquire all this info?

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    Some of the ones on the list like the Q50 don't actually exist.

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    nice work!
    aka Edgar Allan Bro, Brosama Bin Liftin, Walter Crunkite, Bro Namath, Teddy Brosevelt, and the Tomahawk Crunkmissile.
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    Any kind of reply is counted? Regardless of topic? ( negative or positive / praises or complaints )

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