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Thread: Looking for 2xCR123 (2xRCR123) headlamp

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    Default Looking for 2xCR123 (2xRCR123) headlamp

    I am looking for a high performance 2xCR123, more specifically 2xRCR123, headlamp, with long running time, and reasonable light power.
    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Looking for 2xCR123 (2xRCR123) headlamp

    Check out 18650 rechargeable lights.

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    The new Princeton Tec Apex Pro runs on 2 x CR123's.

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    Default Re: Looking for 2xCR123 (2xRCR123) headlamp

    Firstly, let us know if you want flood or throw?

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    Default Re: Looking for 2xCR123 (2xRCR123) headlamp

    I want more flood. Do you now if there is any possibility to use both rechargeable and normal CR123 in Princeton Tec Apex Pro?
    I am asking specifically about 2xRCR123 since I have an USB charger for this type of rechargeable batteries.
    Any other suggestions besides Princeton Tec? Or any other battery configuration based on the above headlamp features?

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    Default Re: Looking for 2xCR123 (2xRCR123) headlamp

    diffusing a beam for more flood is pretty easy.

    spark also makes a few models such as the SD6 and ST6, that can use 2xCR123, or a single 18650 li-ion. i dont know if it takes 2xRCR123 though.
    ive never tried a spark light myself, so i cant comment much on it.

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    Default Re: Looking for 2xCR123 (2xRCR123) headlamp

    Yes, just the Spark SD6 and ST6.
    The SD6 is pure flood, with no reflector, or an optional small reflector for only $10.
    The ST6 has a bigger reflector for more throw.
    However, both only output 500 lumens.
    Like Skyfire says, it will take 2xCR123's @ 2x3.0 volts, but I'm not sure if it will take 2x16340's @ 2x3.6 volts, because the working voltage range for these lights is from 1.6 volts to 6.8 volts.

    On the otherhand, the Zebralight H600 weighs a lighter 39 grams on the head, yet also outputs 750 lumens, but it requires an 18650; it will not accept 2x CR123, let alone 2x 16340's.
    An 18650 charger like an Ultrafire charger is only US$15...

    Zebralight H600 18650 XM-L 750 lumens OTF @ 80 degrees spill beam and 12 degrees hot spot.

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