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Thread: ADVICE: My UltraFire 501B T6 (and what I want from it)

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    Default ADVICE: My UltraFire 501B T6 (and what I want from it)

    Hi all
    I'm a new member and I've been looking for awhile for some help to no avail (including searching this forum but perhaps I'm not looking for the right thing)

    I don't know much about torches but what I have found with my UltraFire 501B 1000 Lumen T6 is that is has a big "flood" which I like a lot!
    It's good but I'd like to tighten the beam a bit, in fact I probably should've bought an adjustable torch.

    I've heard about blackening the reflector on it and such but don't know what that will achieve. I've also heard of changing the lens to a concave one but I don't know how to go about that.

    Basically, any DIY tips or advice on how to achieve a bit've a tighter beam would go a long way!


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    Default Re: ADVICE: My UltraFire 501B T6 (and what I want from it)

    no amtter what you do with the reflector it will be pointless....the wide beam is from the LED emisive characteristics.

    you may try to modify the reflector with installling an XML optic as I have done berore. intl-outddor has some XML optics

    else buy a neilebnder case and install the brass part of the module that is in your flashlight and the optic from intl-outdoor
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    Default Re: ADVICE: My UltraFire 501B T6 (and what I want from it)

    Find an XR-E in an SMO (smooth) reflector drop-in. If you are lucky with the reflector, you might get one that puts out a nice, relatively tight, spot, but the overall light will be less than the XM-L drop-in.

    kosPap, nice optic P60! I've been hoping eventually with all these custom drop-ins that someone will make some empty shells en masse that fit the surefire dimensions perfectly, but now I think perhaps drop-ins are on their way out.

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