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Thread: Scorpion Vs Preditor Vs TN11

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    Default Scorpion Vs Preditor Vs TN11

    Hi folks,

    I was wondering what peoples opnions are of the Thrunite Scorpion V2, Armytek preditor and Thrunite TN11 and which one you feel is best? I have no experience of any of these lights and am thinking of heading for the scorpion but dont want to end up stuck with something till next year that I'll regret.
    Also wondering what peoples opinions are on trustfire 18650 batteries or if anyone knew of any rechargable Lithium ion batteries I could get a hold of on a really tight budget here in the UK.

    Cheers Guys

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    Default Re: Scorpion Vs Preditor Vs TN11

    What did you come up with wich one is best to you?

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    Scorpion is up to V3 now, putting out 750 OTF lumens.

    - Very good power regulation modes
    - Tight beam with less side spill than Scorpion V2 or TN11 for less chance of light reflecting back
    - Durable
    - Least bright of the three
    - Programming can be daunting for new users

    Scorpion V2/V3
    - Higher output than Predator
    - Ability to swap heads for increased flood or throw
    - Able to instantaneously change output mode using single hand
    - Plastic control ring can be a liability
    - Heavy
    - When equipped with turbo head, it's difficult to find a holster that will fit it

    - Brightest medium tactical light available
    - Programmable secondary mode
    - No plastic parts like Scorpion
    - Extenders available for increased runtime
    - Poor regulation on 2xCR123A config
    - Direct drive on 1x18650 config
    - Heavy

    I haven't had the chance to play around with the Predator, but I did with Scorpion V2 and TN11. You should base your choice on how and what you will be using your light for.

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    Default Re: Scorpion Vs Preditor Vs TN11

    Awsome thanks a lot for your help guys. Do you know what the difference between the v2 and v3 scorpion is?
    I thought the v2 was 1000 lumens?

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    Scorpion V2 and V3 will both do 750 OTF lumens for the first minute, and then ramp down. I don't know about the difference between the two.

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    Default Re: Scorpion Vs Preditor Vs TN11

    I too wanted a Thrunite Scorpion as with a Turbo head is chucks a tonne of Lumens down range (for it's size) BUT as ready mentioned the plastic control ring it sports has the "potential" to be problematic and this was a real deal breaker for me, I ended up opting for a Klarus XT11 based on it's size, UI function, cell options and obviously price point-to-performance ratio, the SC600 from Zebralight is also another great XML light around the same price as a stock Thrunite Scorpion... given your offered options I'd pick the TN11.

    I currently use the black (flame logo) 18650 protected batteries from Trustfire (along side AW cells) and they are still working/cycling well, the same cannot be said however for an Ultrafire 3000mAh cell that was included with my last light purchase, these are the only 2 brands I'll put in my lights at this point in time though I'd like to try out some RediLast cells, using a charger of reputable quality that doesn't exceed 4.15v to the cell will help maximise cell service life.

    Hope that helps
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    Default Re: Scorpion Vs Preditor Vs TN11

    The Predators have a built-in battery protection. This means that they will tell when the battery is almost empty and turn off when it is completely discharged without deep discharging it. This is a rare feature that can be very handy. You can turn on the light and forget about (also because of the thermal regulation). You can give the light to someone else and not worry about them burning the led up or making the batteries explode. Most lights don't have these features.

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    Thanks everyone for all your help. I decided in the end to fo for a scorpion V2. Got it last night and so pleased with it. Its blinding when running on cr123's and the tail cap system is really easy to use too.
    Thanks again everyone

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    love mine... ordered the turbo head

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