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Thread: Hello and a mystery to be solved!

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    Smile Hello and a mystery to be solved!

    Hello flashlight community!
    Just yesterday I purchased my very first antique flashlight, and I'm rather in love. It's my new pride and joy, but I have NO IDEA what year or model it is! If anyone could help, I'd be very thankful! Hours of googling turned up nothing that looks like my torch, and I hope one of you can help.
    It's definitely a Ray-O-Vac, since that's stamped right on the battery cap, but other than that I'm at a loss.
    It takes two D batteries, and has a #14 E10 base bulb, if that's also useful information.
    If anyone just has an IDEA of what year it could be... I mean I really have no concept and it's a fascinating object.
    I intend to start collecting, and I'd love to know all I can about my first torch.
    All the best,

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    Default Re: Hello and a mystery to be solved!

    Beautiful, I agree
    Go to flashlightmuseum.com's "browse by brand" page and select rayovac, perhaps you can find something (there are 171 rayovacs on the site!)

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    Default Re: Hello and a mystery to be solved!

    Hello Lydia --

    Welcome to CandlePowerForums ! ! !

    First significant fact:

    Your flashlight uses a Screw-thread bulb ( # 14).

    For the past Half-a-Century, 2-D cell flashlights have used a PR-2 bulb.

    The PR stands for "pre-focused".

    Their flange-mounting ensured a "proper focus" by seating the bulb
    just the right distance into the Reflector assembly.

    Problem with a Screw-thread bulb -- it can become Loose (slightly unscrewed).
    Thus thereby changing the Focus.
    (and not for the better, I might add)

    How does the *inside* of yer' flashlight look ? ? ?
    Any signs of corrosion inside ?
    Would certainly be common for 50 years of batteries to produce some Leakage.

    Thank you for posting these photographs.

    Bet that charming old flashlight would have LOTS of stories to tell us !

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    Default Re: Hello and a mystery to be solved!

    I'd say late 30's or thereabouts

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