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Thread: JETBeam RRT-0 s2 a good buy?

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    Default JETBeam RRT-0 s2 a good buy?

    I'm new to lights and want to try a few out. The Jetbeams seem to have nice features. I've see the RTT-0 S2 version on sale many places and only downside is the green tint issue. Would this be a good one to add to my noob stable of flashlights? This will be an outdoor light.

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    Default Re: JETBeam RRT-0 s2 a good buy?

    Hi Hawk,

    It is a great light. I have an R5 and 2 of the S2's. The R5 has the best white light out of most of my lights. One of the S2's has a nice white and the other has an almost yellow tint. It is actually almost a warm tint. The S2's are pretty good throwers with good spill. The ring works well but after it gets to high it still rotates some without an output change. I got the 3rd on when I saw them on sale. If you get it you should get the AA extender as well so you have multiple options for battery config. Out of my current 60+ higher-end lights these have to be my favorite. ALso, the pocketclip is close to the tailcap so you do not have a lot of light sticking out of your pocket.

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    Default Re: JETBeam RRT-0 s2 a good buy?

    I bought the s2 and ended up returning it because of the green tint. Was told by the dealer that it is really a lottery and that most if not all of the s2 has some green tint when on lower setting. For a little less output that you won't recognise, get the r5. The r2, if you can still find one, is a little warmer and has more throw. The current xml version is the brightest but you need the imr battery for max output and it is more of a flood light.

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    Default Re: JETBeam RRT-0 s2 a good buy?

    My RRT-0 S2 is my favorite flashlight. I actually bought a second as a back up in case I break/lose it. I have not had any problems with the tint on mine. The only this I have noticed is a slight flickering when I use a 3.7v lion batt. So minor it doesn't bug me. It is also quite durable. Has survived a few drops with barely a nick.

    And, if you plan on using a clip much, pick up the Nitecore clip that is a direct fit for this light. Best-clip-ever.

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