Hey folks, great forum... I've lurked for quite some time (and learned a LOT about color quality for building LED lighting) and this is my first post.

I have a 2008 Honda Fit which I'd like to retrofit with LED lamps for the parking lights, front directionals (for use with a directional-to-DRL widget), license plate lights, dome light and maybe tail lights. The Fit has a tiny battery with minimal reserve capacity, plus I want a fun project and to save 3lb of CO2 emission or whatever over the car's life. :P I also have some questions about headlamps.

Front parking lights are amber 194NA. I see a ton of choices here, I really would like good visibility for nighttime city driving so I'm guessing a 120 degree beam at least. As bright as possible that's legal and won't burn itself up.

Front directionals are very important, as I'd like to get a controller that turns them into daytime running lamps when they're not activated, possibly this kit if it would work with LEDs. Again, bright and long lifespan as they'll be on whenever the car is. Front directionals are 7440NA amber.

License plate lamps are 168. I would prefer warm white.

Dome lamp is a DE3022. Again, I would prefer warm white.

Tail lights are a combo of 7443 and 7440.

As far as headlamps go, I have a question about Osram halogen automotive lamps. Of all the lamps listed here, comparing the 64150 lamps from different series (Nightbreaker Plus vs Ultralife, for example), the color temperature and lifespan vary dramatically, but they all seem to cast about 1500 lumens. I don't understand how a Nightbreaker Plus can claim an extra 30m beam length and 90% more light on the road when it's producing about the same lumens as all the other bulbs.

Honda Fit bulb number reference: http://www.elightbulbs.com/2008-Hond...nt-Light-Bulbs