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Thread: Petzl Tactikka Plus - purple hue

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    I have an old Black Diamond headlamp from 2007 or so. I don't know what it's called but maybe it's an old Spot. It works fine for my backpacking trips with 3 AAA Eneloops. I carry a Fenix E11 as a lightweight thrower. Since I had a $50 gift card to Backcountry.com I figured a new headlamp would be a nice gift to myself. I chose the Petzl Tactikka Plus, and after reading the reviews I figured "how could 130 people be wrong?"

    I opened the package, inserted the batteries and immediately turned it on to find my room glowing PURPLE! I was 100% sure I forgot to remove one of those blue sticky lens protector things, so I checked...nothing there. It's certainly much brighter than my old BD, but there's no way I would use this. I can handle some LEDs with a slight bluish cast, but when I say PURPLE, I mean it.

    Am I just spoiled by the perfectly white glow of my Fenix lights? I don't think so. I just can't believe 99% of the reviews for this thing are positive. By the way, the purple hue makes the red a nasty ORANGE (probably still functional for nightvision though)

    Is it possible I got a dud? Anyone else experience this?

    I ended up throwing it in my Jeep's glovebox as a backup's backup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markr6 View Post
    "how could 130 people be wrong?"
    As you discovered, wrongness often predominates! Wrongness sure as heck wins elections on a regular basis. Whole societies can go to ruin through popular but wrongheaded actions, so I guess it's no surprise that a whole bunch of people give a positive review to a light with an angry purple tint.

    Anyway YOU are on the right track. Keep on.
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    Thanks, I'm still contemplating a replacement. Actually, I'll probably just stick with my old BD for now. One more note about the Tactikka: the switch is so small and recessed I can't believe this made it into production. I would say I have normal-to-small sized fingers and I have to point my finger and "dig" in to turn it on. Even with a thin pair of gloves, forget about it.

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    The Tactikka Plus is old. That's a part of the problem right there. Internally, it is the version of the Tikka Plus that Petzl sold in 2006. It's older than your "old" BD Spot.

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    I guess it's like computers, cell phones and everything else...just can't win. I'm researching the Zebralight H51 to find out which style and temp I want.

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