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Thread: Night Master reflector quality

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    Default Night Master reflector quality

    i just got this Dereelight night master an so far i like the beam an what not but not to happy with the threads...seem awfully tight an something that could cause an issue later on down the line. my main issue is with the reflectors finish. are these scatches normal?? doesnt look so to me an then theres that goldish material around the edge...will these scratches effect beam performance ??

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    Default Re: Night Master reflector quality

    its not a reflector
    the night master uses an aspheric lens = no reflector = ok

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    Default Re: Night Master reflector quality

    ohh .....i figured it reflected something. i cant keep up with all of this tech anywho thanks for the heads up

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    Default Re: Night Master reflector quality

    Aspherics produce UGLY beams when paired with reflectors.

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    Grinser2 Re: Night Master reflector quality

    Regarding the tight threads:
    I just received 2 Dereelight Javelins and all of the threads seem very tight, however I put that down to double o-rings on each joint.
    Some additional lube will aid with this I hope.

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    Default Re: Night Master reflector quality

    I can see why Bravo was concerned about the light, finish quality is not very tidy, I'd at least send a pic to Dereelight and the dealer.
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    Default Re: Night Master reflector quality

    Non issue performance-wise. Paint it black if you like...

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    Default Re: Night Master reflector quality

    I have two of these and neither has the scratches you observe. I would contact your dealer, it looks to me that you have grounds for a new light to replace this mis-handled one. The silver light engine holder has obviously been unscrewed by someone without the correct tool, scratching the soft aluminium edges in the process. Perhaps this light was sold to someone else and they returned it?

    True this scratching does not affect the beam or function of the torch, but I would not be happy to receive one like this.

    Go for it!

    As to the tight threads, this does seem to be a regular thing - I have removed some of the O-rings to make it easier. Never go out in the rain with these anyway.

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