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Thread: 8D Early Kel-Lite

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    Hey guys, new member here. I have what I believe to be an early 8D Kel-Lite, that my father used to carry in his job as a LEO. The endcap is marked Barstow, CA, and the body does not have a serial number on it. It has the old style slide switch, without the "ears" or the momentary button. The reflector is in great shape, not new, but not flaking. The lense is ok, a few scratches, but no discoloration, and no deep gouges.

    Since this light has a family history, I would like to keep it as original as possible, but I also would love to do a LED upgrade. I have a Sherline CNC mill that I use for one of my other hobbies, as well as normal tools.

    I am looking for advice and guidance from you guys on options. I would like an impressive light, to match the sheer size of this thing, but of course, cost is a consideration. I have no issue with making/using dummy cells, either.



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    I played with Kel-lite mods a while back:

    Kel-lite ROP:

    Kel-lite SST-90

    Kel-lite SST-90 reflector/aspheric combo
    My Mods.. http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/...5&postcount=78
    Hobby only, I don't do custom mods as a service, thanks for understanding.

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    Thanks for the links, you have some nice mods there. They look great and also seem to function well! The SSR-90 you did looks like what I want for my 8D.

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