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Thread: Where is Hogo (Thor's Hammer Custom Leather)

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    Faint Where is Hogo (Thor's Hammer Custom Leather)

    If this is not in the right place, please feel free to move it moderators.

    First, the rumors of my death were highly exagerated, but not by much.

    On July 3 at about 1745, I decided to move a stalled car out of the passing lane with my 600 pound motorcycle. It kind of worked as I moved him 15 feet furthur down the road. I was lucky that the first responder who wittnessed the accident was an emt and two border patrol agents who also wittnesses it were also emts. I was very lucky that I did not get a head or spinal injury as well.
    I spent the 4th of July in surgery all day. I came out with a titanium rod in my left femur, a stainless steel plate on my right clavical, two stainless steel plates in my left arm, and a titanium plate in my right. All in all, I had 15 fractures, three of them compound. I have been in the hospital ever since with both arms in casts, and going through physical therapy learning how to walk again. Will be a few months before I can take holsters again. I know I have some on the bench at home ready to ship, but have not been home. I'm typing this from the hospital bed. Please excuse the odd type and miss spellings as i have reverted to two finger typing as that is what is poking out of the casts.

    I just wanted to put this post in here in case folks had e-mailed and not gotten a response from me. CPF is a great bunch of guys and gals and I don't want to dissapoint anyone, so I thought I would share what I've been doing... healing.

    I will be returning to my holster making once I can use my hands again. Might even pick up the fun-tac and give shorty and longman a rebirth. The meds I'm on right now might have me come up with some interesting skits... if I can just stay awake as these pain meds knock me out.

    So, if anyone is looking for me, I'm still here.

    Every day above ground is a good one.

    Hogo, Thor, Dan (Gimpy the one limbed leathersmith)

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    Default Re: Where is Hogo (Thor's Hammer Custom Leather)

    Oh damn! . . . Good to see your sense of humor survived unscathed.

    Very sorry to hear what happened to you. Here's to a very speedy recovery.
    "The World is insane. With tiny spots of sanity, here and there... Not the other way around!" - John Cleese.

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    Default Re: Where is Hogo (Thor's Hammer Custom Leather)

    My goodness, that's terrible, sorry to hear this.
    Thanks for the update Hogo, the best of luck on your recovery.

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    Man, sorry to hear about that. I hope you make a full recovery. I totaled an R1 in '01 - one of the scariest things that ever happened to me. All cruisers for me now.

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    Wish you a speedy recovery. You did a wonderful job making me the Holsters and I appreciate them very much.

    The accident sounds horrendous especially the number of fractures and the amount of metal work. At least they are titanium!

    During the day when I don't need a torch ... RC is my hobby on the lookout for McGizmo/Kuku Titanium torches with Trits..

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    Default Re: Where is Hogo (Thor's Hammer Custom Leather)

    Glad to hear you'll survive... that sounded NASTY!
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