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Thread: Light Pollution Getting Worse

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    Default Light Pollution Getting Worse

    It's a beautiful night tonight. A flashaholic's dream with just a sliver of a moon fighting back the starry sky.

    It seems that light pollution is getting worse. There was a PBS Special about the problem.

    Check out the amazing Google Light Pollution Map too

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    Default Re: Light Pollution Getting Worse

    I was in central Australia a few years back. It's amazing just how clear the skies were from all sorts of pollution. I don't think you could stuff another star in the sky. Hopefully one day we can clear up the pollution from our "civilised" societies. There would be better health all round, clean air to breath, see the sky!

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    Default Re: Light Pollution Getting Worse

    Light pollution isn't getting worse. There are all sorts of new standards for outdoor lighting fixtures that don't allow stray light to escape upwards. If anything is getting worse, it's suburban sprawl, which means there are more outdoor lights total, regardless of how good they are at containing stray light. Also a problem is the sulfur content of the air, which makes it more reflective and dims the incoming starlight regardless of any light pollution.

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    Default Re: Light Pollution Getting Worse

    The story mentions Chicago as being the worst offender. I can't imagine anywhere being worse than Las Vegas on this issue.

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    Default Re: Light Pollution Getting Worse

    Dark sky compliant lights are a nice concept, but they don't prevent light from reflecting upwards!

    The issue is not so much the type of lights we use, but just how much of them and how bright they are.

    The IES enhanced security level for parking lots is 5 lux minimum. Most retail lots are 4 or more times that. Dealerships are 100 times that which may be okay when they are open, but the lights are left at that level all night!


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    Default Re: Light Pollution Getting Worse

    I'm so glad I live in a rural area.


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