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Thread: Monster movies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by baxtrom View Post
    Nothing beats an old low-budget monster movie. Carpenter's The Thing is a great example: take a bunch of guys, isolate them on a research station in the arctics and add vicious monster! Obviously, the research station is equipped with flamethrowers so there is an even fight! (There are flashlights in the movie too, looks like mag-style torches)

    Also The Thing is an example of great puppetering long before the days of computer aided monsters. Watched the documentary too, fun to listen to stories from the shooting. Apparantly, when making intestines and goo, they used thinners and stuff which caused a minor explosion on the set! Must have been fun to make an old school horror movie!

    And the soundtrack.. simplistic but great.

    I grew up with Alien, The Thing, Predator and Terminator (perhaps not a monster movie but included for reference). Which are your favourite monster movies? And which are the biggest turkeys? Share your thoughts!

    Are you talking about the remake of the Thing that came out in the 80's? That was good! I also liked some of the semi low budget HP Lovecraft based movies like "From Beyond" also from the 80's. "The Fog" was good too. But then there's "Evil Dead". Its not the absolute best horror movie, but its a must see. I think one of the worst horror movies was "Goblins", also from the 80's. The people in the movie were stuck in this town full of goblins, and the town's name was "Nilbog". Then the dumbest thing happened. Someone looked at the town sign in a rear view mirror, and read what the name of the town was when spelled backwards, which of course is "Goblin"! That was so cheezy!
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    And which are the biggest turkeys?
    Cough / Sy-Fy Channel / cough.

    Most dissapointing flick I've seen lately was the Indy flick 'Monsters'. Might be the most underwhelming and flat our boring thing I've seen in years.

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