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Thread: Is the Laserglow Anser of quality and reliable?

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    Question Is the Laserglow Anser of quality and reliable?

    Hi guys,

    just have a few questions about the laserglow Anser. I am just looking for a nice green 5mw laser to plink around with and star gaze a bit with. Are these better quality than the wicked laser core? I have heard mixed feelings about them but mostly good things about laserglow. Just curious who has one of the ansers and if your able to see the beam well at night and if it is powerful enough and how far they will go.

    Thank you all for your time!

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    Default Re: Is the Laserglow Anser of quality and reliable?

    Gotta say I don't have an Anser, but I do have a WL Core, but it was given to me. The Core is not overspec, and is IR filtered. Threads are pretty nice too. I hear good things about laserglow, but some have had bad experiences with shipments from WL, and with underspec high power lasers.

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    Default Re: Is the Laserglow Anser of quality and reliable?

    I don't have the Anser, but do have the green Galileo and the red Taurus. I have had the Galileo a year now and just got the Taurus.
    Both lasers have been very good. Both of them take a cr123 cell. I like the beam of the Galileo better, both seem to have a solid build.
    Green is the way to go the beam from the Galileo can be seen even in daylight, at night its fun to play with. Laserglow shipped both within a few days and came in a nice display box.

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